LAFCO approves Elk Grove sphere of influence application, more acreage set to be annexed into city limits

At their monthly meeting last night, the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) approved a sphere of influence (SOI) application giving Elk Grove the green light to start annexation of a new area into city limits.  The SOI application and environmental impact report were approved by a 6 - 0 vote with several members absent from the proceedings held at the Sacramento County Administration Building in Sacramento.

As part of the approval, LAFCO commissioner required the city to enter into talks with the county's Habitat Conservation Plan. Elk Grove withdrew from the plan after its SOI application to annex 12-square miles was rejected by LAFCO in 2013.

This SOI application submitted in 2015 following Elk Grove's 2014 purchase of 99-acres for what initially was promoted as a site for a Major League Soccer stadium on Grant Line Road allows Elk Grove to begin annexation of 579-acres. Those acres lie south of Grant Line between Mosher Road to the Union Pacific railroad tracks.

Elk Grove's innovation czar
Christopher "CJ" Jordan addresses
LAFCO commissioners. 
Speaking on behalf of the Elk Grove was the city's innovation czar Christopher "CJ" Jordan who told the commissioners this SOI area would be zoned for a soccer facility, including a stadium, a possible site for the Sacramento County Fair and commercial and industrial uses. Jordan also acknowledged the plans for the 99-acre city-owned parcel have been scaled back.

When the parcel was purchased by the city in 2014 then-mayor Gary Davis promoted that site as a location for a stadium costing at least $120 million for what he promised would bring an expansion team in the professional Major League Soccer. Aside from a brief tour of the site while visiting sites in Sacramento, the league never seriously considered expanding in Elk Grove.

Jordan said the plans have subsequently have been scaled back and could include up to 14 athletic fields costing anywhere from $46 to $57 million. 

"The intent here is to complement existing facilities in the city," Jordan said. 

Sacramento LAFCO's approval does not address specific uses for the land. Now that the SOI has been approved, Elk Grove can start another process to annex the area into city limits.   

During public comment, Elk Grove resident Lynn Wheat expressed skepticism that the city would follow through on the plans noting their history of frequent rezones and amendments to the general plan. Elk Grove recently adopted a general plan update. 

"Now the city has received an application for a private hospital [California Northstate University] that will require a general plan amendment and changes, and this is near an existing residential area, that had a commercial property that finally brought some amenities to their neighborhood," Wheat told the commissioners. "You may have heard about that in the news." 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Funny how the conversation appeared to focus primarily on the City's 100-acres. Yet, according to the map there was also 476 acres approved. Using a favorite phrase of a certain city councilman, the camel is not only "peeking his nose under the tent", he already climbed in and is making himself at home!

Familiar story here:

Old Time Elk Grovians sell dirt and get payoff;

Broome's "Family-owned developers" purchase "ag" zoned land on the cheap;

Family-owned developers process entitlements for homes and sell to homebuilders. Profits without even lifting a shovel or hammer;

Homebuilders build their big beige stucco boxes and then move on to greener pastures like locusts;

Mello-Roos burdened homes sell and population booms. The family-owned developers build retail centers on their remaining holdings and hold as long term rent income.

Now that's Innovation!

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