Opinion - Elk Grove City Council member's 'predictable processes' hypocrisy

News Flash - to say an elected official is hypocritical is nothing out of the ordinary. Anyone who has ever watched politics or a particular politician for any length of time has been witness to this.

Nonetheless, when it happens, it is an important reminder and that official needs to be called to account. Such was the case during the Wednesday, June 27 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council meeting when Council Member Darren Suen displayed hypocrisy. 

It was during the city council's deliberations on a possible styrofoam ban in Elk Grove. The Elk Grove City Council decided to form an informal group to study the matter.

Translated, this means the city council has no intention to address the matter substantively. And why should they given Dart Container, the worldwide leader in styrofoam manufacturing, makes regular political contributions to Elk Grove City Council members to ensure their business interest? 

Aside from the political influence the Dart organization has over city council members, there was a more specific form of hypocrisy displayed by Suen. It came during council deliberation on the matter that Suen engaged in double talk. 

Suen noted, correctly we will add, that businesses need and desire "predictable processes" for their success and the City of Elk Grove should facilitate that as much as possible. Even though opening a business is fraught with risks, we agree, the city should do its part to help companies, particularly small entities.

But how sincere is Suen? Not at all, it seems. 

We point to Suen's support of Alvin Cheung and the proposed California Northstate University 400-bed hospital proposed in the Stonelake Landing shopping center on the city's far west side. Part of Cheung's ambitious plans requires approval by the City of Elk Grove to demolish the shopping center, which Cheung's organization owns.

All of these businesses are small entities, many of whom owners have sunk their life savings into only to have them ripped by Suen and Cheung. It is shameful Suen talks about "predictable processes" that protect a multi-billion dollar enterprise like Dart Container, but he is more than willing to bum rush these small business owners for political benefactor Cheung.

Suen's double talk about "predictable processes" reminds us of George Orwell's Animal Farm. To paraphrase Orwell's pig character, that Suen is channeling, he is saying all businesses are equal but some more equal than others.
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Unknown said...

It's no surprise that Suen is a hypocrite but it is surprising that he is so short sighted. It would seem that he really thinks he is untouchable in the 2020 election. It's that arrogance that cost him the last election (for Mayor) and it will likely cost him his seat on the Council should he decide to run again. I've heard that he thinks very highly of his intellect but so far I'm not impressed.

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