Voices of Elk Grove Video Twofer - Elk Grove needs to stop violating civil rights & CNU is being deceptive with tenants

Councilmember Steve Detrick defends a voting system that is said to be violating civil rights. |  At the Wednesday night meeting of th...

Councilmember Steve Detrick defends a voting system that is said to be violating civil rights. | 

At the Wednesday night meeting of the Elk Grove City Council meeting, about 50 speakers were commenting on a variety of matters in the almost six-hour session. Many of the speakers expressed concern about the placement of 5G small cell antennas in the city while another group pressed the city council to address what they say are the adverse effects online businesses like Airbnb is having on their neighborhoods.

Among the many notable speakers, there were two who acted as bookends. Those speakers were Christina Snyder and Amar Shergill.  

Speaking during the public comment section was Snyder, a commercial leasing professional who is representing seven tenants of California Northstate University's Stonelake Landing shopping center. Snyder claimed she has documentation to show CNU has lied to the Elk Grove City Council and is intentionally trying to put its tenants out of business. 

One of the last speakers during the marathon meeting was civil rights activist Amar Shergill. Speaking during the city council's discussion of the process to change to by-district voting, Shergill not only told the city council that delaying the change of elections is a delay of justice, but he also engaged in short debate with Elk Grove City Councilmember Steve Detrick.

Both videos are below. 

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Connie said...
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Connie said...

First comment: Christina Snyder and Amar Shergill rocked it.

Second comment: I was one of those 50 speakers who sat through the five-hour Elk Grove City Council meeting. During the 5G public comment, I left chambers to go to restroom only to hear a developer sitting out in lobby complaining to another developer about the number of speakers and how long the wait was going to be.

As we have come to learn, most developers would rather council chambers be totally empty so they can get in, and get out, with their pre-approved approval of any given agenda item on the record.

How dare we inconvenience a developer mostly likely with his cell phone ready to text a message if a council member didn’t follow the party line along with his checkbook in his right inside jacket pocket ready to drop that check (wink wink nod nod) it in the mail.

Well, you can bet I had something to say to that developer which was along the lines of, “I’m so sorry the people of Elk Grove are making you sit through hours of public comment, including parents with young children, to address our government on matters important to us.”

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