UPDATED - Spease to step down from Elk Grove Planning Commission, gearing up for city council District 3 campaign

Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease. |  
UPDATED 1:50 p.m. |

Near the conclusion of last night's meeting of the Elk Grove Planning Commission, Kevin Spease announced his intention to step down from the five-member board.

In making his announcement, Spease said he was doing so to devote time to his campaign. Spease is one of three declared candidates for the District 3 seat that is being vacated by three-term incumbent Steve Detrick.

Appointed to the planning commission by former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, Spease has served since 2014. In 2016 ran for mayor against Davis, who decided not to run, and came in second to current Mayor Steve Ly.

Reached via text last night, Spease declined further comment. In a statement released this afternoon, Mayor Ly said "thank you for your committed service to the residents of this city. I am accepting your resignation as of December 19, 2019. I also commend you for your dedicated work as a planning commissioner.  You will be missed and best of luck in your future endeavors."

Spease is the fourth planning commissioner to run for the mayor or city council. In addition to what is now Spease's second attempt, current planning commissioner George Murphey attempted to unseat Councilmember Pat Hume in 2010, and current Elk Grove Unified School District trustee lost to Ly in 2014 for the open seat in District 4.

Councilmember Pat Hume is the only planning commissioner to win a seat on the city council. In 2006 he defeated incumbent Rick Soares.

Spease is one of three candidates, including Maureen Craft and Amandeep Singh, to seek the District 3 position. Unlike past elections, the contests for District 1 and 3 will be conducted for the first time in Elk Grove on a by-district basis.

Below are Spease's comments. 

UPDATED - Updated to include a statement from Mayor Steve Ly. UPDATED - 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

It must be red-alert, man-all-battle-stations in the Spease camp! Could it be the entry of Singh into the District 3 race has drastically upped the ante on how much money each candidate must now raise to run a competitive campaign? Red-alert in the Yellow Submarine!

Doc Souza said...

That's pretty funny. Drastically upped the ante? Gotta love the hyperbole in the comments on this page from people with fake names. Last week it was Stafford is a serious challenger, which she isn't. If you can't put your real name by your comments, then you're not really committed to them and no one really listens to it.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Doc is funny, Seems to care more about the name of the person, rather than the message itself. "Drastically upped the ante" means the Sikhs are known as enterprising small business owners and for having deep pockets when it comes to supporting political causes. No offense to the Sikhs, just an observation.

Being one of the old-time Elk Grovians who profit from growth (i.e. sprawl) and cashing out land holdings, you could surely appreciate the irony of a potential new economic powerbase that threatens to upset the historical financial base that has supported the past and present City Council members. Looks like the old-timers and the builders will have to write bigger checks this time around!

Randy Bekker said...

D.J. Money doesn’t buy everything! I see Spease stepping down as admirable, gives him more time to spend on his campaign. I am sure if he didn’t step down there would have been a side show of complaining residents.This way Shergill gets a chance of adding another women or POC. Since the mayor gets the final say so. I would of thought you would have wrote about that D.J.B.

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