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The January 8, 2020, Elk Grove City council meeting was one for the ages. Highlighting this meeting were false statements from the city council’s dean, District 2 representative, Pat Hume.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

What is the chance Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume views the video of himself and reflects on his Northernmost moral compass of how his arrogance and the way he talks down to people shines through? Got to love the spotlight that is consistently on the Elk Grove City Council.

After Jon Hobbs corrected Hume, did any of you hear an apology to the people from Big B which included owner Brian Erickson and Crystal Cornelison. I certainly didn’t. I just heard a justification for his “fake news” comments.

And what is worse, in the video previously posted on EGN, did all of you notice Hume shaking his finger when scolding Ms. Cornelison as if she were a child. Yes, this viewer got her name to address her properly. Hume was so focused on his rant and his false assertions, he didn’t bother to remember her name.


What is even better now, these videos are memorialized for all to see how Pat Hume really treats residents; especially when he runs for higher office.

Over the years, one would hope with some maturity, Hume would correct his immature behavior. But alas, no. Case in point, the way Hume yelled at Bob Felts back in 2009. Eleven years later, Bob Seger is singing, "Still the Same!". . ."Some thlngs never change. You're still the same."


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