With coming Coronavirus economic hardships for low income families, Sacramento Transportation Authority should suspend Measure A effort

Today the Sacramento Transporation Authority board of directors will meet in semi-closed meeting to take another step forward in their pursuit of a 40-year one-half cent sales tax to fund a variety of countywide transportation projects. 

Given the sudden onset of what is certainly going to be a recession, or as some economists suggested a depression, [Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen has suggested unemployment could reach 20-percent], we urge the STA to suspend its effort for a variety of reasons. We will make a short argument on why the efforts should be suspended. 

First, as a matter of economic justice, sales taxes are regressive. While a half-cent sales tax may not seem like a large amount, with the coming economic pain, especially for lower-wage families, every dollar will matter. Taxing low-income families, many of whom will be the most immediately affected by the downturn, is unfair. 

Also, given the two-thirds requirement needed for approval, from the STA's parochial point of view, do you think voters will be in the mood for additional taxes? Given the activity in Washington DC about possible direct cash payments adult Americans, going to Sacramento taxpayers asking for money is not likely going to play well next November.

Regardless of arguments of how the possible revenue over the 40-year life of the tax is spent, given the inevitable decrease in economic activity, waiting until this matter is sorted out is the prudent move. Pursuing this tax at this moment in time is inappropriate.  

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Spoons and Forks said...

With all the greedy politicians sitting on the STA, especially Hume and Suen, asking them not to pick the taxpayers pocket for cash is like asking a 1970s lounge lizard to stop using cheesy pick up lines like "what's your sign" or "you come here often". They just can't help themselves.

Even before all this stuff happened, I was against any more taxes. Maybe start by cutting out the huge government salaries and benefits. Only ask me for more money when you cut your salaries and benefits.

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