Senior moment; Sheldon-99 interchange construction leads to road rage

With the construction of the new interchange at Sheldon Rd and Hwy. 99, along with Grantline Rd, all the old interchanges in Elk Grove will ...

With the construction of the new interchange at Sheldon Rd and Hwy. 99, along with Grantline Rd, all the old interchanges in Elk Grove will have been remodeled in the last 10 or so years.

With the construction comes the unavoidable lane closures and delays that while frustrating, do signal improved traffic flow will soon be there. For some though, the delays can be to much.

Such was the case yesterday for Joseph Aeltean.

According to Elk Grove police, while navigating the construction at Sheldon & 99 Aeltean was signaled to stop by a traffic control worker Shawnee Allison. Aeltean then became so irate at the worker that he aimed his car at Allison and attempted to run her over.

Allison managed to jump out of the way and Aeltean proceeded. Aeltean was arrested at his house after an eyewitness gave police his license plate number.

The unusual part of this story is Aeltean's age. While you might expect this behavior from some stressed-out-tailgating-SUV-driving yuppie, Aeltean is 81 years old.

We're not sure is Aeltean was stressed out or just disappointed that the 1950's era interchange is about to see it's last days.

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Anonymous said...

I am a senior driver that drives Sheldon everyday. I am terrified when I have to go through the construction zone. It is so conjested and confusing. I am responding to an appeal I saw in my lobby at my appartments. We need to do something in regards to how poorly the traffic routing is conducted. It makes people so confused.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Camden Park area and I would like to comment on the traffic on Sheldon Rd. It is very difficult to understand the way the traffic controllers are telling you to go. They tell you to stop- then go- it is so hard to understand! I saw an accident the other day, and it was clearly the fault of the traffic controllers. This has to be addressed before we have more accidents. They need more qualified workers to handle this area that is so conjested.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that it can, at times, be unnerving to navigate a traffic control zone, the motoring public should try to consider the job of the traffic controller...they must deal with people speeding (which doesnt allow you ample time to figure it out), talking on the phone (which doesnt allow you to pay attention), reading the paper (oh yes, i've seen it), cutting through the cones to go around (daily occurrence that endangers the hard working men and women on the construction site) and drunk drivers (enough said). Construction traffic control is not a simple task even BEFORE you add all the ridiculous behaviour of an astonishing number of motorists on the road today. If you SLOW DOWN, read the signs and PAY ATTENTION to the flaggers, you will get where you are going safely. Just remember that YOU HAVE TO HELP BY OPERATING IN A SAFE MANNER! YOU ARE IN A MOTOR VEHICLE, THEY ARE ON FOOT! Courtesy pays and works both ways...Give 'em a brake...Also, construction on Sheldon Rd. has been going on since April of 2008 and will be completed in the fall of 2009. Leave a little earlier or find an alternate route. Either way, slow down and pay attention, we can get through this, literally!

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