Tran runs on greentech energy platform, hopes to make Elk Grove 'Silicon Valley of Greentech'

Tran believes his program will attract high paying jobs The old saying "think globally, act locally" could well be applied to the ...

Tran believes his program will attract high paying jobs

The old saying "think globally, act locally" could well be applied to the fledgling campaign of Khanh "KT" Tran in his bid to unseat two term incumbent Sophia Scherman.

The self described Reagen-Democrat has used the idea of bringing green energy business to Elk Grove as the cornerstone of his bid to win Elk Grove's fifth city council district. In addition to Tran, Scherman is being challenged by Robert Felts and Katherine Maestas.

Tran believes that by Elk Grove is strategically positioned to become the Silicon Valley of Greentech. "I am running because of the energy program," Tran said.

Tran said one of the biggest benefits of attracting greentech companies that will research and develop hydrogen fuel cells is that it will attract high-paying jobs.

"The main goal is jobs," Tran said. Tran said there are to many low-paying retail jobs in Elk Grove Tran and his initiative would resolve this.

Tran also believes the city needs to cooperate with other local government entities. To this end, Tran said Elk Grove should realign itself with Regional Transit and seek inter-cities joint power acts for mass transit between Elk Grove and Stockton.

In the area of government reform, Tran has proposed that Elk Grove Council members be limited to three terms. If elected, Tran said he would voluntarily serve for three terms regardless of whether or not there were limits.

Though in the race for only a short time, Tran has placed several signs in the community for his election and another series promoting voter participation. "It is for community service," Tran said.

Tran's new candidacy has faced a few obstacles. Recently he posted on Elk Grove Online that he would be starting a autodial telephone program. After several critical comments, Tran quickly re-posted that his campaign would not call anyone who wanted to be excluded.

Tran also defended his autodial program as an effective way to bring those who might not other vote to the polls. "They work," he noted.

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