Elk Grove Teens Arrested For Daytime Burglary

Two Elk Grove teen suspects were arrested yesterday afternoon after they burglarized a house on the 10100 block of Brian Kelly Way in Elk Gr...

Two Elk Grove teen suspects were arrested yesterday afternoon after they burglarized a house on the 10100 block of Brian Kelly Way in Elk Grove.

According to police reports, a 16-year old female and 15-year old male burglarized the residence and were removing property when the occupant observed them and scared them off. The victim then followed the pair until police arrived.

Both teens were taken into custody and transported to juvenile hall.

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Anonymous said...

I now feel used to it, thank you parents of Elk Grove and South Sac. Way to keep an eye on those children of yours. This is what you get when a "village" raises a child. Leave it to the teachers, preschools, coaches and daycares to raise them, then ask for the government to do more because they are already doing such an outstanding job. Our criminal justice system is not set up (and the founders never intended ) for the amount of crime in our society.

Unknown said...

This is a sad story another young kid of color with a mark on his record. Parents need to ask their child daily how things are going at school and if the child has problems like this the parents need to bring it to the principal of the school. No excuses can be made for this happening by the parents or the young man himself. As a man of color I can honestly say the local Sacramento black parents have to up their parenting skills. This is sad every day a new black kid is in some kind issue either be guns, break-ins, muggings and so forth. Maybe other people do it too but we are the only ones getting caught. This needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see where they mentioned the juveniles were of color... and I agree it needs to stop. There needs to be places for our teenagers to go and be productive contributors to our community, whether it be volunteering, learning a skill (outside of high school), or a job.

Elk Grove News said...

As a matter of policy, race is only included in a story when police DO NOT catch the suspects.

Anonymous said...

I live in Elk Grove and my home was broken into and burglarized recently. I don't know what the parents are doing but if their kids to convicted of crimes, the parents need to take some responsible. Parents can not depend on other people in society to take care of their kids. If they can take care of their own kids, they shouldn't have any. Step up to the plate and take care of your child.

Anonymous said...

I moved out of Elk Grove almost 4 years ago and I can now walk my dogs in peace, leave my car unlocked and feel my family and home are safe when I leave for business. I agree with all of you that the parents need to step up and take a more active role in their kids and their kids friends lives. Didn't a 19 yr old just put a 14 year old in a coma with a scooter a few weeks back?

Anonymous said...

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