Accountable America v. Congressman Dan Lungren

If the trend we have seen already continues, the 2008 election for California's 3rd Congressional District will be interesting. And co...

If the trend we have seen already continues, the 2008 election for California's 3rd Congressional District will be interesting. And costly.

Already there are three Democrat contenders vying to take on three term incumbent, Dan Lungren. Aside from having to contend with the three hopefuls and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) who has targeted him, Lungren is being challenged by the public interest group Accountable America.

With more than 15 months before the 2010 election, Accountable America has Lungren in their scope. Witness the activities of both Accountable America and Lungren this week.

Using his franking privileges as a member of congress, Lungren sent a mailer this week touting his support of the so-called
Securing America's Future Economy (SAFE) Commission Act.

At first glance the mailer looks more like a political advertisement that your standard congressional constituent newsletter. The mailer points out that one of the bills co-sponsors is Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper.

Perhaps Lungren is hoping the mention of Jim Cooper, not our Jim Cooper, will rustle up few extra votes. After all, you can fool some of the people some of the time as Lungren surely knows.

Not missing a beat, Accountable America sent a robocall yesterday, one day before the mailer arrived, urging constituents to call Lungren and urge him to quit wasting money. Ironically the fiscally conservative Lungren is being taken to task over his spending.

Listen to Accountable America's robocall.

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Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the spirit with which Accountable America makes its point about spending directed at Congressman Lungren. I must point out that the only way to alert the public to an upcoming event such a run for re-election and the issues surrounding the public; Is to use the direct link of the U S Mail system. Having been recently involved in governmental politics for myself and my community I can attest to the fact that the public cannot rely on the news media or the government itself to make important information public. In fact the legal requirement of a public notice in the local papers barely suffices. Governing Agencies hope," I am sure", that important and controversial issues that might get the public involved will just slip past. Then things can move along at the pace that most agencies prefer, quietly without question. The Elk Grove Sphere of Influence and the secrecy behind its proponents in the Elk Grove City Council are a perfect example of how important issues are not reported on by main stream media in the very community where the public needs to know. I am sure that the surrounding communities of Wilton and Sheldon would love to have a glossy postcard explaining what is REALLY going on.

Packherd said...

That mailer is a piece of work. But Lungren is not the first Member to push the line between political propaganda and constituent services.

Finding a Dem named Jim Cooper to work with: that's sheer genius.

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