Elk Grove Mayor Sophia Scherman Says Mall is 'Coming'

Elk Grove Mayor Sophia Scherman reported positive news on the beleaguered Elk Grove Promenade Mall during last night's city council mee...

Elk Grove Mayor Sophia Scherman reported positive news on the beleaguered Elk Grove Promenade Mall during last night's city council meeting.

During the portion of the meeting when council members discuss their recent activities, Scherman reported on her attendance at the recent Kaiser ground breaking. Scherman commented that it was good to see construction activity and that she had heard several positive constituent comments.

"The mall is going to be coming," Scherman quickly said after commenting on the Kaiser construction. She added, "at this point that is all I can say."

Construction of the outdoor mall on Elk Grove's south side came to a sudden halt two years ago next month just prior to the collapse of the real estate market. Subsequently the mall's developer, Chicago-based General Growth Properties, filed the largest ever real estate bankruptcy in American history.

Sprint session...
Last night's meeting, which was the last one for the current fiscal year, stood in stark contrast to several of more recent marathon sessions that lasted several hours. Last night's meeting, including a closed session at the end of the regular portion, was completed in less one hour.

The council approved approve the sale of 26.5 acres of mitigation property from the Delta Breeze Vineyard Property to the Sacramento Regional Transit and approved submission of the 2010 CalHome Program application.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 14 at 6:00 pm.

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Elk Grove Politics said...

I hope Mayor Scherman didn't open her mouth too quickly and jeopardize any ongoing negotiations.

She has done that in the past and had "egg all over her face" and embarrassed the city and the other members of the city council.

May be good as a facial all that egg, but not when it comes to causing Elk Grove to lose business because she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

No more should Sophia be able to fall back on her overused excuse, "It was a slip of the tongue." She was been on the council 10 years now. If she hasn't learned by now, she never will.

But was it really a slip of the tongue this time, or did Sophia do it on purpose to garner headlines such as the one she received on EGN? Is the Elk Grove Citizen next?

And notice that none of her other co-council members jumped in to comment. Arguably the mall has been our biggest disappointment since incorporation. If there is big news, why didn't the others flip on their microphones?

So did Sophia do it again?

Josie said...

I would imagine that being the business woman she is, Simon Prop. Group and General Growth would have been seeking her imput on their negotiations, especially given her track record in the beginning phases of the Mall. That being said, hopefully she pulled in her partner to assist.

Hopefully there is some action going on with the Mall, but I too wonder if this is not just another ploy to get the attention she craves. BTW, the Citizen covered her early on!

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