Elk Grove Medical Marijuana Thieves Caught, Arrested

Two people were arrested yesterday after they were found to be in possession of stolen marijuana plants. According to Elk Grove Polic...

Two people were arrested yesterday after they were found to be in possession of stolen marijuana plants.

According to Elk Grove Police reports, officers responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle driving away from a residence. A witness reported they had observed two individuals in the rear yard of a nearby residence.

Patrol officers located the described vehicle near Bruceville Road and Elk Grove Boulevard and initiated an enforcement stop. The vehicle was occupied by 18-year old Octavio Ruiz of Sacramento and 21-year old John Maldonado Salazar of Elk Grove.

A search of the vehicle revealed several small marijuana plants that appeared to be uprooted. Upon further investigation, officers found the backyard where the plants were believed to have been stolen from.

The owner of the house where the plants were taken from was found to be in possession of a valid medical marijuana card. Both suspects were arrested and transferred to the county jail.

It is not known if either of the suspects had consumed any of the stolen crop.

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SunflowerPipes.com said...

Legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is the right thing to do. Why is there such a push back against this idea? It is time for citizens to be responsible on this issue. The people smoking glass pipes and rolling cigarettes are not the problem….it is the men with guns and prisons that chase them.

Insania said...

We've got a few plants in our backyard (the wife is licensed) and I've not really concerned myself with their theft...but they are highly visible, and I suppose I ought to do something...particularly now that they are beginning to bud nicely. They're like a weed in Elk Grove!

At least now I am aware that the City of Elk Grove PD will work to uphold the right for medical use along with arresting those who would break into our backyard. That's a good thing to know, considering we are very new to this and I do worry about PD heavy handedness regarding personal plant possession.

I can't stand the high, having tried it many times through illegal use over the years, and truthfully I wonder how it can/should be legalized considering how debilitating and dangerous I feel when using it. Granted, that's only me. I've got relatives who smoke it upon waking and seemingly cannot function without it, won't eat without getting loaded first, or what have you. Therefore, I will always be on the fence.

But I guarantee you, on my bicycle along Franklin Blvd., I am passed by thirty times as many stoned drivers as drunk drivers and I'm not at all concerned about that...

The good news about this proposition in November is that 1) it'll still be illegal to drive impaired regardless of de-criminalization, and 2) employers can still discriminate against users. While I'll prolly support this upcoming proposition, I could not possibly support (for example) a power system operator at SMUD getting loaded. Unlike alcohol, which identifies a user at the time of consumption, I don't think cannabis is the same.

Interesting times ahead...

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