Murphey to Challenge Hume for District Two Seat

The race for the Elk Grove City Council District Two seat will see incumbent Pat Hume facing two challengers including local business man D...

The race for the Elk Grove City Council District Two seat will see incumbent Pat Hume facing two challengers including local business man Davies Ononiwu and Elk Grove Planning Commissioner George Murphey.

This year’s three way race will be somewhat of repeat a of the 2006 contest for District Two. In that race Hume, who had served close to six years as an Elk Grove Planning Commissioner challenged and beat incumbent Rick Soares, Ononiwu and Elease Walton.

This time around the roles will be reversed with Murphey presenting a formidable challenge to the incumbent.

Long history of community involvement 

Murphey, a US Air Force veteran and retiree from PG&E, has served on the planning commission since his appointment by Council Member Gary Davis in February, 2007. Prior to serving on the commission, Murphey was a founding member of the Sheldon Community Association, a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and former member of the South Sacramento Community Planning Advisory Council.

Murphey said he and his wife moved their two daughters to the Sheldon area 23 years ago because of the semi-rural lifestyle it offered.

“Our goal was to have a place with room for our daughters and to enjoy open space,” Murphey said. “I want to make sure future generations have the same opportunities we had.”

As planning commissioner Murphey said his top priorities include following the law and to be accessible to all people regardless of their position on an item. “My top priority is to listen to folks,” he said.

Murphey said he would not resign from the planning commission but would readily recuse himself from matters that conflicted with his candidacy.

One of Murphey’s greatest concerns prompting his run for office is Elk Grove’s loss of open space and with it Elk Grove’s heritage. As a council member Murphey said he will take a balanced approach to managing and planning for the city’s future.

“We must plan for the future growth of Elk Grove and a create a place were people will want to work and live,” Murphey said. “We need a city that offers a balance of housing, jobs, adequate law enforcement, transportation and recreational opportunities.”

Murphey also said he is running because of concerns expressed to him by several people in District Two citywide on Hume’s representation. “The people in district two feel that they are not being fully represented,” he noted.

Murphey said he will also bring an open mind, honesty, a willingness to work hard and integrity to the council.
He also stressed the importance of having an open and transparent city government saying it is “imperative.”

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Malleus Codex said...

George Murphey is an upright, honorable, dedicated hard-workng citizen and public servant of Elk Grove. He would bring the much missing integrity we are lacking in District 2. VOTE OUT HUME...ELECT GEORGE MURPHEY ! ! !

Josie said...

What a much needed "breath of fresh air" that news is, for not just District 2, but the City of Elk Grove.

Sarah Johnson said...

I am so grateful to George Murphey for stepping up and answering the call for a new voice on the Council. George brings integrity, common sense, and a clear vision of what the future can hold for all of us.
Bless you George and best of luck with your campaign! you can count on my support.

Elk Grove Politics said...

I find it interesting that staunch supporters of Pat Hume back in 2006; people who worked closely on his campaign, gave large contributions, fundraisers, walked precincts and more realized they made a big mistake and are uniting to make sure Hume is not reelected.

Why? Pat Hume did not deliver on his "take it to the bank" promises, and he has been a big disappointment in many, many ways.

To be a good councilmember, you have to have much more going for you than loud deliberations filled with overused clichés.

After all, those you speak loudest often say nothing. In other words, "He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak."

"Empty vessels make the most noise."

Oops, did I just use a cliché?

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