Detrick, EG Police Officers Assoc. Endorses Murphey in Race For District 2

Murphey snags two endorsements Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Detrick announced this morning his endorsement of George Murphey for the Elk ...

Murphey snags two endorsements
Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Detrick announced this morning his endorsement of George Murphey for the Elk Grove City Council. Murphey, a current member of the Elk Grove Planning Commission, is challenging incumbent Pat Hume for the city's District 2 seat.

"I've known George for years. As a friend, colleague, coworker, and excellent Planning Commissioner, George is my choice for Elk Grove City Council to get Elk Grove Back on track with Jobs, Public Safety, and Open Government," Detrick said in his statement. "That's why I'm joining the Elk Grove Police Officer's Association in Endorsing George Murphey for Elk Grove City Council. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and morality, join me."

Murphey also announced the Elk Grove Police Officers Association (EGPOA) has endorsed his candidacy.

"The Elk Grove Police Officer's Association took great care in our choices for Elk Grove City Council. After a thorough review, George Murphey was the clear choice not only for Elk Grove Police Services, but for the city of Elk Grove," said Dan Koontz, President, EGPOA.  

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Unknown said...

you can't lose if you have the finest Police Dept in the area supporting you. We look forward to a more cohesive council.

Sarah Johnson said...

WONDERFUL NEWS, GEORGE! Keep up the good work!

Josie said...

Congratulations from this household Mr. Murphey. George is someone who possesses the ability and desire to recognize the deficiencies, effect positive change and strive to enhance professionalism using his training, education & experience. An honest, dedicated man for sure.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Pat Hume ran on a platform of change, “Patrick Hume for Change.” Now he denies he ran on change. It is nice to hear that George Murphey is not running on change, but has vowed to work with Steve Detrick, and the rest of the council, to get our city “back on track.”

When we incorporated back in 2000, can anyone argue that we aren't exactly where we thought we would be in 2010? We have taken one too many detours.

Hume has proven not to be the “change” we needed. Maybe his campaign motto should be, “Change is NOT Good!”

And as far any candidate using the word “change,” remember that old saying, “Fool me once . . . .” and we learned a tough lesson with the District 2 representative who preached change back in 2006.

So if you hear the word change, remember what happened in Hume’s case because he flipped flopped, or more apropos in his case, “When the CHANGE Wind Blows!!”

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