Elk Grove City Council candidates talk jobs, crime and expansion

Hume called-out for 1999 drunk driving conviction at forum's end The Elk Grove City Council candidates forum held on Thursday night...

Hume called-out for 1999 drunk driving conviction at forum's end

The Elk Grove City Council candidates forum held on Thursday night at the Trigg Education Center of the Elk Grove Unified School District between six of the seven candidates was a relatively predictable affair.

Until the end.

It was then that a member of the audience called out Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume for his  1999 drunk driving conviction.

Prior to the unidentified lady's outburst, District 2 candidates David Cano (write-in), Pat Hume, George Murphey, and Davies Ononiwu and District 4 candidates Gary Davis and Jimmie Johnson stuck to themes each has already established in their respective campaigns. (See video of opening statements here and listen to the complete audio here.) 

In the race for District 2 one of the major issues has been the city's sphere of influence (SOI) application with  the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission that would significantly expand the city's boundaries and the ability for more development.

District 2 challenger George Murphey said that in talking to people in his extensive precinct walking, most people have expressed concern about the SOI and felt it was not the right time. 

"I would like to see the sphere of influence pulled," Murphey said. "Everyone tells me 'We don't need to expand,'" Murphey said.

Hume, who has been the point person on the city council for expanding the city boundaries said during difficult economic times it makes the perfect sense to study future growth needs. Hume has been criticized for his stance on expansion given that his stepfather owns a large tract of property just outside the SOI area but has said because there is no consanguinity (blood relation between him and his stepfather) there is no conflict of interest.
"We don't need it today, we don't need it tomorrow, but at some point in the future, 20, 30 50 years out, it might be good to have that land," Hume said.   

Cano and Ononiwu both said that the city needs to do a better job of recruiting larger employers to the area not low-end jobs associated with the area's retail-based economy. 

In the race for District 4, Johnson has based his campaign on the what he claims is an escalating crime problem in Elk Grove and making the city a more business-friendly environment. Davis has and continues to emphasize the imbalance between residents and jobs and his commitment to attract better jobs to the area.

Johnson agreed with Davis that job recruitment is essential but that other steps need to be taken to keep businesses in town. Johnson related a story of a businessman who owns several liquor stores who is closing his Elk Grove store because of the business environment. "He says the fees are to high and the regulations are too much," Johnson said.

Davis, who literally knocked on wood, said that in the next couple months hopefully there would be a major announcement of a new employer locating to Elk Grove. Davis went on to comment about Johnson's discussion of the liquor store owner and said "the type of jobs we grow is very important- we don't need more liquor stores - we need professional jobs."

In addition to jobs, the candidates answered a host of questions  ranging  from the connector road planned for the southeastern part of the city through the Sheldon area to crime.

Just as the forum had concluded, a White lady rose and said that she had a question for one of the candidates. Forum emcee Roy Herburger of the Elk Grove Citizen asked who it was for and if it could be dealt with on a one-on-one basis. 

The unidentified lady said the person was Pat Hume. After she announced Hume's name, she said "you need to take public responsibility."

The lady continued and said "My sister was killed three years ago by a drunk driver and you [Hume] need to take public responsibility."

Roy Herburger's wife Aurora, who was seated directly in front of the unidentified lady turned around and had an angry exchange of words saying among other things "this is not the right time to do that." In response the lady said "When is the right time to do it."

EGN asked the lady and her male companion for their names and both declined. They were also asked if they had placed several unflattering documents regarding Hume's 1999 drunk driving conviction and alleged tax lien. They declined to identify themselves and for placement of the fliers.

The man said "we saw the fliers" and the lady said "public figures need to take responsibility." Both declined further comment or identification. It is not known who produced or distributed the fliers.

The audio of that portion of the meeting is available here.

In a previous EGN story, Hume declined to comment. Copies of the fliers are below.

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Josie said...

Well now that's some ugly stuff. Heard about it on the street, but wasn't quiet sure how that all happened.

Funny how things "come back to haunt you" and upset the position you were in - how much of a reflection is it that you shouldn't be there in the first place? Your history is part of who you are. If you're going to be in a position that requires public support - and you can do that with honesty and integrity, then you won't have the "secrets" - of course that would only work in a fantasy world, in real life no one is that brave! Reminds me of that old saying "if you live in a glass house, don't throw stones".

James said...

Wait Jose, were you there or not? You need to keep your stories straight or does the community infection all share the Jose login?

In the post on the CCSD forum "Jose" says that she/he/they were there and thought it was a good discussion, now on this post she/he/they say they heard it on the street.

When you share a login you need to ensure you have a coherent stram of thought however hard that is for you without your medication.

Unknown said...

Yes, you all should listen to James. James is definitely "practice what you preach."

The "gang" login/id is everywhere to be seen on that "other" website. Ego is it called?

concernedforelkgrove and Ugly Truth to name just two are obviously multiple people; their multiple personalities come right through in their writings, as well as the fact that they can't keep silent and have disclosed the fact there are multiple people posting under those id's.

Josie said...

Well, James, here you go again...confused. You're scaring me with all this talk of "infections & medications, stram of thought" talk, whatever stram is. Sometimes people might be trying to be kind, but you seem to want an "all out war". methinks, "thou doth protest too much".

But, then again, when you mentioned "Jose" my first thought was...how did you know I was reading his book, "Snapshots of Modern Love"? You sneaky little bugger. A read I might suggest for you would be about "machiavellianism", maybe that will help get the kinks out or maybe a back rub or a little nappy will help....

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