EGPD catches fleeing shoplifter

A Sacramento woman was apprehended yesterday after she tried fleeing following a suspected shoplifting incident. According to Elk Grove Pol...

A Sacramento woman was apprehended yesterday after she tried fleeing following a suspected shoplifting incident.

According to Elk Grove Police Department reports, 27-year old Natalia Voychik was detained by loss prevention personnel at the TJ Maxx store on Laguna Boulevard after she was observed shoplifting. The suspect instead ran out of the store and fled in her vehicle.
Arriving officers observed the vehicle leaving the area and initiated and enforcement stop. The suspect was arrested and transferred to the county jail.

In other activity, police arrested 28-year old David Elliot of Elk Grove after he was observed checking car doors on vehicles on the 5800 block of Laguna Trail Way early Tuesday morning. A records check revealed that the suspect had an active warrant. Elliot was arrested and transferred to the county jail.

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Unknown said...

"In Other Activity"
I just so happen to be "David Elliott" age 28 that was arrested on a traffic warrant for a speeding ticket. The reason I am replying to this is because I believe that this is defamation of character. I was actually walking with an empty jug to fill up with water at my girlfriends house which I was arrested right in front of her house on a warrant. Someone called the police dept and said that it looked like i might have been breaking into cars or something that is why the police were called out to where I was at. They then made me show them where my car was parked because I had told them that I had a radiator leak and was in need of water due to over heating. They took me to my car, Searched it, Then took me to jail on a speeding ticket that I had not paid. "My first one EVER to be exact" and the police decided to take my car into impound with everything in it. And made it so I was not able to retrieve any of my belongings out of it so I lost pretty much "Everything I owned". The police knew I was having issues with a place to live at that time and I was very clearly staying in my car. But the Elk Grove Police Dept has aggression issues and they really don't care about ruining people's lives nor do they care about saving them either seeing that they recently just shot an unarmed man in handcuffs in the back of a police car in the head for moving around too much.

On another note, I was just in another little tiff with the Elk Grove PD and they beat the living S$#@ out of me. I have a pending lawsuit against them and I just wanted who ever reads this article to know the truth. I feel they gave me no justice. They use my name and they say very little, But what they say is nothing but bad things and they don't actually say what the actual outcome was.

I am not a bad person, I do not break into cars, And I plan on taking the justice I deserve by going to the most extreme levels I can by law. I feel for those out there with articles about them like this that makes their name out to be bad as well. It is totally uncalled for.

David Elliott
Elk Grove CA

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