An awe-inspiring Super Bowl commercial followed by a bite from reality

During yesterday's Super Bowl, the commercial that struck me the most was one from Chrysler featuring Eminem. As a native born Detroit...

During yesterday's Super Bowl, the commercial that struck me the most was one from Chrysler featuring Eminem.

As a native born Detroiter and Michgander at heart, it was truly awe-inspiring to see an ad that didn't sugar coat reality, confronted what the city has gone through and yet gave the people of city [or those of us from there] a sense of pride, dignity and hope.

On a personal level, it was inspiring to see a glimpse of the spires of St. Anne's Cathedral - the place where my father attended grade school in the 1920's and where the final mass for my Mother was held - in this particular commercial.

For me, it was a moment of pride to remember that I was proudly born and bred in Detroit. 

This is the Motor City and This is What We Do!

If the Chrysler ad was inspiring, there was a bit of bad news I read earlier today that unfortunately brought me back to reality.

While it has been close to 30 years since I left Southeastern Michigan, Sacramento, and specifically Elk Grove has been my home for close to 18 years now. So whenever Sacramento pops up in some list, hopefully a good one, I take pride.

Today was not one of those days though.

As Forbes Magazine often does, it compiles lists of the best, worst, etc. Today there was a list of the country's most miserable cities. The good news is that is Sacramento was not at the top of the list - that dubious distinction does to our fair neighbor to the south - Stockton.

Nonetheless, Sacramento came in FIFTH place. The reason - call them the highs. High unemployment, high foreclosures and high taxes.As for Detroit it came in at 15th place. I can honestly say, I don't believe this list fairly represents either city.

If there is a lesson to be learned from yesterday's Chrysler Commercial it is this - if Detroit who has been "to hell and back" and can stand proud, Sacamentans can certainly work to get off this list. It is up to us.

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Insania said...

Pretty easy for a multi-millionaire rapper to drive a new 200 but what about every other resident of Detroit?

We've got an amazing panorama of destroyed cities with demoralized residents in our country...let's assume Detroit isn't one anymore, but tell me that Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, Springfield, Asheville, or St. Louis aren't. We've encouraged their demise through the hollowing out of our manufacturing base by trying to save five dollars on an imported hairdryer. Even SMUD is importing bulk power transformers from South Korea and China -- what used to be solid American enterprises are now non-existent.

"To hell and back?" Back? Really? We've still a long way down I'm afraid.

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