Official Complaint Filed Against
Elk Grove City Council Member

An official complaint was filed Friday morning at the Elk Grove City Clerk's office against a current member of the Elk Grove City Counc...

An official complaint was filed Friday morning at the Elk Grove City Clerk's office against a current member of the Elk Grove City Council.

The complaint was filed against Steve Detrick by Elk Grove resident Linda Ford. The complaint centers on allegations that Detrick used his position for the benefit of his son as it involved a possible bidder, Sportsplex USA, for Elk Grove's planned sports complex.

Among other things the complaint says that following a special city council meeting held on May 4, 2011 Detrick along with his son Brian and then Vice Mayor Jim Cooper met with Sportsplex USA representatives at a nearby restaurant and asserts this meeting was inappropriate. Furthermore, the complaint alleges the purpose of the meeting was to garner employment for Detrick's son.

The complaint claims Brian Detrick posted a comment on his Facebook page
on September 25, 2011 that read: "Completed my fist day of interning at SPORTSPLEX USA."  The complaint says this is a violation of California Government Code Section 1090 which prohibits elected or appointed public officials from participating in the execution of contracts in which they may have a financial interest. 

In addition the complaint says that Detrick's meeting violated the city's ethics code by giving the appearance that "might cause the public to question my independent judgement" and "I do not use my office or the resources of the city for personal or political gain." While Cooper was noted as a participant at the meeting, no complaint was lodged against him.

The complaint further claims that Detrick "has abused his power as an elected official to improperly benefit his son and to cause a reasonable person to question his independent judgement" and alleges he brokered a deal with SportPlex USA. In brokering the alleged deal with Sportsplex USA the complaint claims that two other possible bidders on the sports complex, the Cosumnes Community Services District and Big League Dreams were discriminated against.

Detrick, who was first elected to the city council in 2008, strongly denied the allegation leveled in the complaint saying they are without merit.

"This has been reviewed with no findings, no conflicts of interest, no ethic violations and there are no plans for any further review," Detrick said.

Ford did not respond to a call seeking comment for this story.

As a remedy the complaint seeks to have Detrick censored, to disqualify Sportplex USA from bidding on the city's sports complex and to have the city conduct a formal investigation on the allegations.

Ford, along with Detrick co-founded the Elk Grove Coalition For Proper Planning (EGCAPP) that was instrumental in derailing a planned Super Wal Mart to be located on Sheldon Road and Power Inn  Road.

See the complete complaint here.

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Anonymous said...

All I see a numerous allegations and accusations with no evidence to support the claims.

Seems obvious that Mrs. Ford has a personal issue with Mr Detrick and has resorted to airing her displeasure in public forum to harm his political standing.


If you have evidence, bring it forward. Otherwise, move on. Life is too short to foster petty grudges.

Anonymous said...

Linda Ford needs to give it a break! She's getting very tiring!

Anonymous said...

Hear we go again. Connie, Linda and company, after someone who will not play their game. This is how they work.If you do not follow their instruction they will trump up things against you.I bet Steve is kicking himselfe now that they have turned on him. Watch you back Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, she knows what she saw in the restaurant and she knows what she saw on Facebook, so add it up and you've got the appearance of corruption. As a legal matter it ultimately may not technically qualify as a conflict of interest, but in the court of public opinion, it is what it is. Kudos for Ms. Ford for bringing it into the public spotlight for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, Detrick used this elected position to benefit his son. Deny, deny, deny, all you want Detrick that is exactly what you did.

The fix is in. Sportsplex USA will get the contract and look for them to hire the young Detrick to run the sports complex. Why else did he go to work for them? After all, he is already trained and has one up on any other candidates simply because their fathers aren’t on the city council.

Didn’t see Sportsplex USA put out an ad here in Elk Grove for any other young people who would like paid internships?

Anonymous said...

This is getting to be "sick" stuff. Why are you on some young mans FB page anyway? You have children and I would never in my wildest dream have ever thought about getting on their FB page.

Did you not know that it is good manners and a common courtesy for the city to take invited guest speakers out to lunch, dinner, etc. "That has the look of corruption?" Mr. Cooper was there also but was not mentioned in this so called conspirary.

Mr. Detrick will not be the person making the decision of who gets the contract. That will be the City Manager, Ms. Gill and her staff and voted on by all five city council members.

All I can say is that it is a shame that someone with so much talent has sunk to such a low that in the end it will only destroy any trust the community had in them. Many times they actually just self-destruct! For that, I am sorry!

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors! Laura Gill does exactly what her five bosses tell her to do. Otherwise, like Susan Cochran, she would out of a job.

Oh the irony of it all, when Leary got his son a job using his political clout, Detrick was all over it.

And the difference is?

Anonymous said...

The EGCC and company act like they are the watch dog of the city. Who appointed them. I guess Gary Davis is still their favorite child.He will do what ever they say. This is sad that they have nothing better to do but look into someone elese Face Book. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Ford doesn't FB. A copy of the FB page was sent to her. I should know, she's my neighbor and I sent it to her months ago hoping she would do the right. I thought she was going to ignore it because of who was involved. It's about time she did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Government transparency is an integral part of a democratic society. Citizens should be able to peer into their governments’ darkest corners and look for things that are wrong, no matter who the elected official is.

For only when citizens know their government can they participate electively in its operation.

However, it appears that to some here, it depends on “who” the person is whether or it is their right.

Anonymous said...

when all this is done and no charges are going to be filed it will cost us the tax payer again. just because the EGCC has nothing better to do then call out people. If their was a wrong then yes call it out. But just to do it so you can have show everyone how powerfull you are is wrong. Get a clue not everyone likes you.

Anonymous said...

As previously stated so well, government transparency is vital to a healthy democratic society. How very ignorant and short-sighted the people are who are criticizing the person who filed this complaint...she is doing all of us a favor by holding our elected official responsible for his actions which affect all of us. I applaud Linda Ford for doing her civic duty, and shame on those of you who are not only sticking your heads in the sand, but personally attacking her.

Anonymous said...

The company you keep,

It is not a coincidence that this was filed now. Steve Detrick has been gauging a run for Mayor, he just held a huge fundraiser that for the first time did not include members of EGCC. The very next day this complaint is filed. A compliant that includes a line about how it was made clear that EGCC was not invited to the dinner at BJ's.

Is it a coincidence that the current leadership of EGCC supports Davis over Detrick for Mayor?

There are no coincidences in politics!

Anonymous said...

Since she knows Steve personaly why did she not go to him and find out if this story was true. They have worked together befor on other projects. I just think that they have a way of blowing things out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

Steve Detrick is not running for Mayor; though some wish he would. He has already filed his candidate papers for reelection to Elk Grove City Council, District 3.

But that wouldn't be such a bad idea. If Detrick runs for Mayor and loses, he is off the council!

If Detrick thinks he can beat Davis, then he should go for it?

What's stoppping him, all your Detrick supporters?

Anonymous said...

Highly amusing. Elk Grovians never fail to entertain with their head in the sand responses. Bottom line, it appears as if Detrick obtained a job for his son with one of the companies responding to the city's request for bid. Not cool. This is a mult-million dollar contract.

So glad I moved out of Elk Grove. Different faces, but the same game with citizens letting business as usual continue.

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