Class or Crass - A Big Decision in Front of Elk Grove City Council

Even Ron Burgundy knows - stay classy Elk Grove. Stay classy Elk Grove Have you every traveled along State Highway 101 in Marin Coun...

Even Ron Burgundy knows - stay classy Elk Grove.
Stay classy Elk Grove

Have you every traveled along State Highway 101 in Marin County?

If you have driven along 101 through Marin County chances are you noticed something different, or more specifically there was something missing - no billboards are allowed along that stretch of state highway.

Have you ever driven along State Highway 99 in Sacramento or any other community along 99? No doubt you have noticed the gigantic billboards that dot this already scenically challenged route.

Obviously, Elk Grove can never be compared to tony Marin County - but hey, lets have some pride in our city and at least differentiate ourselves and try to maintain a scoach of class and dignity. On the other hand we could give in, throw in the towel and be like every other city along 99.

So as the zoning ordinance to permit off-site billboards works its way towards a possible review later this month, we hope the city council members ask themselves the following question - do they want Elk Grove to preserve a touch of class along an otherwise visually blighted highway or do you want to give into crass commercialization and visual blight that seemingly dots every city along the highway.

Do they want Elk Grove to have a measure of class or just be crass. As Ron Burgundy might implore, "You stay classy Elk Grove."

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Sarah Johnson said...

This really is the point! Look at June 13th CC agenda for #10.2 City Way Finding Signs. The map showing the locations where they intend to put these signs is frightening. Way too numerous and when you consider how it will look with all the other signage already in these locations, together with the highway signage, you see visual blight. Steve Lee was correct when he said that with so many signs, you can't see the beauty of the city.

Travis Bickle said...

The "armpit" stretch of California cities between Redding and Bakersfield have three things in common: Developer-driven politics, urban sprawl and pitiful citizen apathy. To expect anything more is dreaming.

Anonymous said...

you elected them now you got them.
Good Job people of Elk Grove. You only have yourselfe to blame.

Connie said...

The images of our city become anchored in the collective memory of our residents and they represent us as a city to our visitors.

We have heard repeatedly from our elected officials that Elk Grove needs to be a destination city. And we want to clutter up our city signs, signs are more signs. We continually hear that Laguna Ridge will be the “jewel of the city.”

With Agenda Item 10.2 at Wednesday’s council meeting and sign ordinance coming back on June 27, do we really want our “crowning glory,” for Elk Grove not to mention the importance of visual impact, to be a city filled with signs?

Signage, including monument signs, is not the way to elevate Elk Grove into being a regional draw and to lift us above the rest.

Chris Clark said...

A 50-foot monstrosity peddling petroleum and clogged arteries is galling enough fodder for a town attempting to avoid becoming the next Natomas--where fast food and traffic are as ubiquitous as crows scavenging for discarded french fries. No, the crux of this issue rests far beneath the presence of a sign, or a burger joint--it's about the temerity of our leadership. There is considerable disparity between creating a pro-business environment and kowtowing to every request from developers. The rapidity, or lack thereof, by our leaders to put this issue to rest mirrors other harmful delays inherent within Elk Grove politics. Streamlined, confident decision-making should rule the day, replacing habitually cloggy bureaucracy.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

You are right - Elk Grove will never be like Marin County. As was pointed out by Ms. Johnson during last week's meeting, if the variance is allowed it will apply citywide and God know what happens then, but it will not be pretty.

It would appear the city council will once again succomb to the honey pot of money.

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