Cosumnes Republicans Issue Endorsements For Mayor, CCSD

Jerry Braxmeyer wins local Republican endorsement Braxmeyer gets GOP endorsement over Scherman At the July meeting of the Elk Grove Re...

Jerry Braxmeyer wins local Republican endorsement
Braxmeyer gets GOP endorsement over Scherman

At the July meeting of the Elk Grove Republican Club Cosumnes Community Service Director Michelle Orrock and Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick received unanimous support in their bids for re-election.

"Both of these elected officials have been involved with our club from the beginning and have worked to help elect Republicans on all levels," Elk Grove Republican President Chris Orrock said. "We believe that in their respective races that they deserve to be re-elected for another term in office."

The club also endorsed Jerry Braxmeyer in the race for Elk Grove Mayor. These endorsements join the Cosumnes Republican Assembly in endorsing the Republican slate of candidates for the November election. The Cosumnes Republican Assembly endorsed all three of these candidates at its May meeting.

Currently Detrick and Orrock have no announced opponents while Braxmeyer will face Elk Grove Council members Gary Davis and Sophia Scherman as well as local business owner Greg Higley in four way race to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor.

"Our club agreed with the other Republican club in Elk Grove that Jerry Braxmeyer is the best candidate to become the first Mayor of Elk Grove," stated Orrock. "It is time for a change on the council and Jerry Braxmeyer will bring his fiscal conservative background to help lead Elk Grove into the future."

"Our membership felt it critical to get ahead of the curve in these races and endorse Orrock, Detrick and Braxmeyer," Orrock said. "This will allow the club to begin dedicating resources to the campaigns as early as possible."

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Anonymous said...

you got 2 out of 3 .. Why Steve i can not understand. This is a person with a ego the size of Texas and that is where he belongs.

Sgt, J. Peter Romero said...

Steve does not have an ego the size of Texas. You are probably just jealous that is why you sign as "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Sgt Peter,
you'll no doubt see references to Councilmember Detrick that seems harsh and uncivil. They are. It is just the nature of that ugly beast. I agree with you. Don't have to always agree, but name calling is petty and disrespectful. However some just cannot resist..their immaturity doesn't allow for positive feedback. just negative fedback.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous! This blog's readers (all three of them) are pretty petty and disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this blog has more than 3 readers. It has 4!

Anonymous said...

Nope, just members of the same household having a conversation with themselves......

Anonymous said...

Sgt Peter Romero. Funny you fought for freedom of speech but when someone exercises their right to it you criticize them for it. What country did you serve with.

Anonymous said...

Is it a conflict of interest that the President of the Elk Grove Republican Party, Chris Orrock is endorsing his wife Michelle Orrock for the CSD Board?

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