Detrick Raises $43k in First Six Months of 2012

Elk Grove Council Member Steve Detrick In campaign finance statements filed yesterday with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, Counc...

Elk Grove Council Member Steve Detrick
In campaign finance statements filed yesterday with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, Council Member Steve Detrick reported raising $43,415 during the first six months of 2012. According to his California Form 460, Detrick raised that amount from 55 different contributors. Detrick's eight top contributors donated $21,000, or about half of the total take.

Among the top contributors were:

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 447 - $5,000
Wildon Group - $3,000 (two contributions, $2,500 and $500.)
Sheldon Business Park - $2,500
Future Energy Group (Wilton) - $2,500
CA Real Estate - $2,500
Gil Moore Oil Co. - $2,500
John Papagiannopoulus - $1,500
Laborers Union Local 185 - $1,500

On the expense side Detrick spend $7,177. In the interest of full disclosure $250 was paid to to Elk Grove News for pre-paid advertising for the fall campaign. Detrick also spend $497 with The Elk Grove Citizen.

According to the report Detrick has $104,574 on hand. Currently Detrick has no announced opponents for the seat he currently occupies.

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Anonymous said...

$2500 from Future Energy Group from Wilton? And $2500 from oil man Gil Moore from Wilton? Sounds like a whole lotta of economic development happening in Wilton, or a bunch of shell corporations under one ownership. No doubt more to come before the real race--to be the second mayor of Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

He is all about the money..Not the people.. How about that..Well he can do one thing right. That is raise money.

Sean P said...

What do u mean he's not about the people? Can u state a few examples of what u are referring to?
I personally think he's done a pretty good job representing our district and our views. He always promptly returns my calls and is always willing to listen to my point of view. He may not always agree with it, but he does listen and is willing to work out some sort of resolution. That's more than I can for the rest of the council, most of whom have never returned my calls or e-mails.

Anonymous said...

Glad that we get to see where the money is coming from. At least he is up front and not hiding behind any rocks. The first comments are unfair and in my opinion not true. Mr Detrick is very community minded. He goes to BB games, and grand openings, and local meetings and neighborhood events. If you don't like him fine; but its hard to say "he's all about the money..not the people". that is just a misrepresntation. But you are good at that kind of thing, right Ms Anonymous?? Why are you always such a sour puss? Cheer up

Debbie said...

I think this conversation points to the obvious flaw in our political system in general. Otherwise decent people may gain office with the best of intentions but soon realize that to remain in office they need to raise cash - and lots of it.

Until we demand a change to the system, we will get the same results all the way from Washington DC on down to Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

I think your right Debbie. It's interesting to look at these forms. First it took a bit to figure out where to find website under the clerk's tab. Secondly, it's very interesting to see what a council member pays for with the money raised. Small contributions to other officials or charities. Then photography, signs website and such. Also an interesting payment to St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church. Isn't that the church councilman Detrick got in trouble about? One would think that he would make a donation from his own pocket rather than from the money he earned to campaign for his seat. Just looks weird

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