Another Candidate Joins Elk Grove Mayoral Race

With only three day left to file papers, the Elk Grove City Clerk's office reported yesterday that an eight person has drawn papers to e...

With only three day left to file papers, the Elk Grove City Clerk's office reported yesterday that an eight person has drawn papers to enter the Elk Grove mayoral race.

The eight candidate is Democrat Tom Santos. Like fellow mayoral candidate Sophia Scherman, Santos' most recent run for office was in this June's primary for the Ninth District Assembly seat where he finished fourth.

A perennial candidate, Santos has twice run for the board of equalization and once for congress.

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Anonymous said...

Gary has got to be upset, first Lynn Wheat no Tom Santos.

Santos has done something Gary has never done, he has one a competative primary and been the Democrat party candidate in a General election.

Maybe that is why Gary has not filed his paperwork yet.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering with all these folks getting into the race, what does Davis think about this? Does this show a higher level of dissatisfaction with his leadership? Are people getting tired of his "compromises?" Granted, some of these "candidates" have no business being in this race, but with Wheat and now Santos, Davis's job just got a little harder. the next few months will be interesting and intense. Hopefully, it stays civil.

Davis Supporter said...

Interesting that the comments focus on Gary Davis and his campaign. whether or not he is worried. The other candidates, and their supporters, should be focused on their campaign and not be worried about what the Davis Team is doing or thinking.

Something tells me the Davis Campaign Machine is going to be just fine doing what they do best.

Re:Davis Supporter said...

Isn't that the problem? The Davis Campaign Machine? Why do you need a Campaign Machine for a part time, $600 a month Job?

He is already on the council and will the position of Mayor doesn't hold any more power then a Council Member or is this not the last stop for Gary Davis.

The Davis Campaign Machine, TR and CC, sure didn't help in his aborted run for Congress.

Let's take the Machines out of politics and elect a local person who is doing it for the community for Politics.

Davis Supporter said...

WOW, what a way to jump on a few words. Davis, and his supporters, work very hard. They are out in the community doing what they do best. "The Davis Campaign Machine" label came from the other Blog and it was said in sarcasm.

And as far your initials, are you sure the TR and CC you seem to know all about worked on Gary's congressional race? I think you better do a fact check before you put it out there that you have all the answers!

Again, sing the praises of your candidate and sing loudly; negative campaigns against any of the candidates is just bad form.

And by the way, anyone who lives in Elk Grove is local!

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