Detrick Makes History - No Opponents For Elk Grove City Council District 3

With no opposition, Steve Detrick will be appointed to a second term. Cooper's opponent fails to qualify for ballot With today&#...

With no opposition, Steve Detrick will be appointed to a second term.
Cooper's opponent fails to qualify for ballot

With today's 5 p.m. deadline come and gone, Elk Grove City Council District Council Member Steve made local electoral history by being the first seated council member to have no filed opposition.

According to information released by The Elk Grove City Clerk's Office, there was one one opponent who file to run against incumbent council member Jim Cooper. However that potential candidate, James White did not qualify for the ballot.

Because they face no ballot opponents, both Detrick and Cooper will be automatically appointed to their respective seats.

There were eight people who pulled papers for mayor but only six have been qualified.

Tom Santos, who drew papers on Tuesday, did not return required required paperwork by today's 5 p.m. deadline. Charles Shanks pulled paper last month, filed his papers today but failed to qualify.

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Debbie said...

Could this be a local example of Citizens United? A shame there aren't other people entering the race for the two council seats.

On the upside, we will have two less candidates plastering signs around town, of course not including the sign Gil Moore bought!

Patty said...

This is indicative of the apathy voters have in Elk Grove regarding the city council. Instead of celebrating, Detrick should be asking himself why people are so turned off by his methods. As far as history goes, Detrick has a long way to go before he is judged as a commendable public servant.

It's not all about money Steve Detrick!

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Steve Detrick has worked hard these past few years to bring integrity and respect back to the process. Even if you don't agree with some of his votes, you cannot deny he is very see him all over this town doing the city's work. I too am concerned about how the sign ordinance is being courted, but until the vote is cast, I will withhold my judgment on this issue. Comments about "celebrating" and "money" elude where in this article does it mention these two things......these are just the words of one deranged citizen...yes, even deranged citizens get to vote and have a say....i for one am getting tried of all hot air. Congratulations Detrick....

No Manners said...

The above comment is atypical of Detrick's supporters who resort to namecalling if you don't agree with them. Namecalling is very unbecoming especially when you live in a glass house.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess Elk Grove is becoming a socialist town. No one has any money to run against the rich boys.

Debbie said...

Actually it is not becoming Socialist. In pure political terms it is becoming fascist in so much that there is close cooperation between the government and corporations.

Both are independent, but the government is there to to serve the business interests in a fascist system. In a socialist system, the government owns the business.

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