Elk Grove Campaign Style 2012

The Elk Grove mayoral race is on. The first Elk Grove candidate forum has been held, signs are popping up, candidates are knocking on door...

The Elk Grove mayoral race is on.

The first Elk Grove candidate forum has been held, signs are popping up, candidates are knocking on doors, big money donors backs are being slapped at fundraisers and pretty soon mail boxes will be flooded with mailers. And this doesn't even include all the TV's ads flooding our ariwaves.

All normal things in a local elections. But this year, things are more amplified beyond these traditional campaign methods.

First there will be at least four opportunities for voters to see forums with the mayoral and school board candidates. The first one, which was held last week, will be rebroadcast on Access Sacramento and the Internet several times over the next five weeks.

Then there is Facebook and Twitter. Several candidates are using the social media sites to spread their word. Also, Radio Elk Grove has interviewed all the mayoral candidates and many of the school board candidates. Denny Gomez has conducted quality interviews worth listening to if you are undecided in several of the local races.

The newest wrinkle to emerge is the YouTube video. Gary Davis posted his campaign office kick-off several weeks ago. Most recently Davis' opponent, Lynn Wheat, upped the ante and posted a campaign video on her Facebook page that covers some of the pillars of her campaign.

With just six weeks to go, it will be interesting to watch what other new wrinkles that will develop in the mayoral and school board races.

Lynn Wheat's video.

Gary Davis' video.

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Susan said...

Interesting and rather telling contrasts on the videos. Davis speaks of history,ideas, and vague visions, I guess just like you'd expect from a professional politician(i.e. Romney, Obama).
Wheat on the other hand, discussed the actuial issues we need to be cognizant of when we go to the polls. Interestingly, her clip wasn't all cut up, like that of the deep-pocketed Davis, who could have paid for quality but settled for mediocrity.
Wheat's was professionally done on a total $1,000 camapign budget, and Davis's was poorly done when he has over $100,000 in his campaign chest. Shows what kind of waste the "pros" find acceptable, while the working class gets the most out of very little. - I know where my vote is going.
Thanks for posting the videos.

Anonymous said...

Lynn's video is well done. Gary's is footage from his campaign office kick-off. Two different types of videos. Listen to Radio Elk Grove, attend a forum, or talk to the candidates. You will here specifics. Davis is tremendously more knowledgeable & experienced.

fast food city said...

No offense to any candidate in particular, but five clones sitting at the dias voting 5-0 on everything is not my idea of knowledge and experience. I care more about where our new mayor wants to take us as a leader.

Anonymous said...

If we elect Mr Davis we will have the same old thing. 1500 jobs to Elk Grve. Don't think so. All we did is transplant 1500 existing jobs and created more trafic. How can he claim that is was good for Elk Grove. Are they all buying gas and lunches in Elk Grove.

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