Fittest Of Elk Grove Competition Starts Tomorrow

The Third Annual Fittest of Elk Grove competition will hold its opening round tomorrow morning. This year there are two qualifying even...

The Third Annual Fittest of Elk Grove competition will hold its opening round tomorrow morning.

This year there are two qualifying events that lead up to the finals. Another change for this year will be three divisions - men, women and team. There are also three age divisions - 17 and under, 18-34, 35-49, 50 plus.

The team division still consist of two men and two women of any age. The two qualifying events will take place at gyms in the city on Sept. 29. The top 3 finishers in each division at each qualifier will advance to the final.

For more information on times and locations for tomorrow's competition, visit their website.

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Anonymous said...

The organizers of this event, in asking for and receiving $10,000 of grant money from the city of Elk Grove, and approved by the city council, stated on their grant application, that is basically signed under penalty of perjury, that there will be 7,000 attendees in all, of which 4,000 will be Elk Grove residents.

Last year's event there was a total of a couple hundred.

However, the organizers this year have guaranteed the thousands in attendance numbers. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of that money will go towards junior's salary?

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful event last year. My son participate and although he did not place, it instilled in him his passion of physical fitness. In this time when over 30% of children are considered obese, this is a great opportunity to make fitness fun. We'll be there again this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fittest of Elk Grove may well be a nice event, but for the event director to pass it off as a community event, full of volunteerism, is misleading. Be up front and honest that he is taking a salary of $10,000; of which $5,000 is coming directly from the taxpayers. That is according to the grant application.

Most people do not take a salary for putting on community events, because they are giving of their time which is the true definition of volunteerism, even those that take months to coordinate, such as the Strauss Festival, so that the charity receives the most money it can. I guess the EGPAL can do without an extra $10,000 and so can the taxpayers.

As far as the exaggeration on the attendance expected to garner those grant monies, one has to wonder who really monitors these grant applications for honesty and accuracy in submitting them.

I wonder what the candidates for Mayor think of grant applications such as the one for Fittest of Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

Looks like their is again no acountability for any of the grants. Do they have to show their 9-90 and year end audits? And how is it that 50% of any grants goes to salary. This is a sham and set up. NO grant should have any more then 18% taken out for administration.

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