Davis Snags Major Endorsement in Elk Grove Mayoral Bid

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Gary Davis Elk Grove City Council Member Gary Davis snagged a major endorsement today in his bid to become t...

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Gary Davis
Elk Grove City Council Member Gary Davis snagged a major endorsement today in his bid to become the city's first directly elected mayor.

The editorial board of the Sacramento Bee announced that the second term council member had earned their endorsement saying Davis "seems to have gotten the message that Elk Grove needs to refocus its attention on retaining businesses already in town and filling up empty storefronts."

The endorsement also said that "in this weak field, six-year councilman Davis is the best choice."

The editorial noted that of Davis' five other opponents only two others, Elk Grove City Council Member Sophia Scherman and Lynn Wheat were serious contenders.

In their endorsement The Bee noted that "Davis deserves credit for personally picking up the phone and calling officials at the California Prison Health Care Services to persuade that agency's leaders to move their headquarters and 1,500 jobs along with it to Elk Grove."

The story noted the Davis may be changing his stance on the city's controversial sphere of influence application that seeks to annex 8,000 acres as he his working with SACOG to reduce it even further. The endorsement noted that Davis has been criticized for his close ties to land speculators.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting editoral by the Bee staff. My take is somewhat different. My impression is the Bee "settled" on Davis more than "endorsing" Davis You'd think with 6 years under his belt and all these supposedly "wonderful" things he has done for the city, that the endorsement would have been rousing. Instead, they said something to the effect that he was best in a weak race. Pretty underwhelming, in my opinion.
Especially seeing that the Bee is normally 100% Democrat-leaning institution.

Anonymous said...

Lest the Lynn Wheat channel syncophants forget, the Bee characterized Wheat as "ridge." Quite an accurate statement in this voter's opinion. Wheat hasn't shown any tendency toward compromise in lo her many years before the Elk Grove City Council and Elk Grove Planning Commission. At least Scherman has "evolved" in her position on the SOI. Evolved into what is yet to be seen, but at least there is an ability to learn, change and perhaps compromise.

Fallon Miller

Anonymous said...

What this election is needs is a politician with conviction--to tell us what they stand for and be a leader and lead. Mr. Compromise learned too many bad habits from Steinberg. I heard Wheat once say at a meeting "where would we be if Rosa Parks was satisfied with sitting in the middle of the bus".

Call that "rigid"..fine with me!

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