Mayoral Candidate Wheat Criticizes Lack of 'Regional Vision'

Wheat (standing) discusses issues during her 'Meet the Candidate' meeting. By Denny Gomez, RadioElkGrove Special to Elk Grov...

Wheat (standing) discusses issues during her 'Meet the Candidate' meeting.

By Denny Gomez, RadioElkGrove
Special to Elk Grove News

“I'm concerned about the $3.3 million...What happens when the money runs out?” -Lynn Wheat

Regional Vision, fiscal responsibility, and the sphere of influence proposal (SOI) were at the core of Lynn Wheat's message to an intimate group of supporters and first time attendees at her 4th “Meet the Candidate” gathering this Thursday evening.

In her ongoing grass roots campaign, Wheat - running her campaign for mayor without any outside contributions - stuck to the issues. In doing so, Wheat criticized actions by the City Council, and incentives given to the recently relocated State Prison Health offices.

“I'm concerned about the $3.3 million that they offered [to the State relocation] and said it was about bringing jobs. It didn't create new jobs, it just moved jobs from Sacramento," Wheat said. "We're part of a region, and I believe we have to be a regional player. This is about collaboration and coordination, and working together.”

Wheat also questioned the “incentive” approach used by the city. “I'm concerned about the fiscal analysis. How will we see that money reimbursed to the city? They predict it will show up in 10 years. That's when the lease of the State offices is up. And what happens when the next company wants incentives? What happens when the money runs out?”

Wheat's comments resonated with Leslie Haynes, a 20-year Elk Grove resident who heard Wheat speak for the first time at the meeting. “She makes a lot of sense. I am delighted to hear someone speaking 'truth to power' in our city.”

Wheat also has potential sway with younger voters. As one young woman said, “If my friends could hear this, they would definitely like her.”

Wheat gave a full interview to prior to the meeting. She talked about why she's running, qualities of leadership, the SOI, job creation, and more. RadioElkGrove also has full interviews with candidates Jerry Braxmeyer, Gary Davis, and Greg Higley.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised last night to hear this women speaking to a group of coffee lovers at Starbucks. I kept moving my chair closer to them to hear the conversation. I must say, this Ms. Wheat certainly has passion and knowledge about our city. She was very informed. I'll give her my vote as I am tired of all the phoney politicans we have. This women is a fresh, new start. Marilyn

Will B. Goode said...

Marilyn, I agree with you on Lynn. She is only candidate talking about actual issues.

Braxmeyer for example talks about some out-of control bureaucracy in city hall and over regulation. But he never actually gives any specifics.

Although I am not a great fan of everything that goes on at city hall, it should be noted that this is in many ways a contract city. Show me some specifics Jerry and perhaps I'll think about voting for you.

Until then, you are just speaking in worn out sound bites.

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