Davis Receives Late Contributions From Major City Vendor, PAC

In financial statements filed in the last two days with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, mayoral candidate and Elk Grove City Council ...

In financial statements filed in the last two days with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, mayoral candidate and Elk Grove City Council Member Gary Davis disclosed two late cash contributions.

The two donations, which were $1,000 each, came from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades PAC and MV Transportation. A major vendor with Elk Grove, MV operates the city's e-tran bus services.

As of this afternoon, none of the other five mayoral candidates reported any late contributions.

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Anonymous said...

Does not seem right for politicans to be able to accept donations from firms or corp that have a direct tie to the city they represent. Does Davis bow out when an MV issue arises? How can he be "neutral"? this applies to all candidates, just not Davis. MV has had multiple contracts with the city of EG and early on, they failed miserably in providing reliable bus service. Things has gotten a little better, but I'm irked they donate (and Davis accepts) their money. Makes it seems impossible to objectively review bids without some bias showing through.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Elk Grove News is just bitter that Davis isn't paying him for advertising space on this rag (blog)!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just can't work up any animus toward Davis when Detrick is the most egregious violator here; $12,000 from Gill Moore to champion his mega-sign at 99 and Sheldon Road. Plus, check all of the campaign finance forms and you'll see that they all received money from MV Transportation.

Regina Hawkins

Anonymous said...

In the Citizen article, Davis indicates that he doesn't support local businesses while running his campaign...he says he has vendors he has used for years....that's the two fold problem....#1) he's been a politican for years now and #2) if he truly felt deeply for EG, he would use local companies to print his material, take his photographs, etc....Quite telling that when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road, Davis leaves EG businesses in the dust!

Marcie said...

Let's not forget that on Sept. 20, 2011 Mr. Davis took $5,000 from Gil Moore Oil Co.

I wonder what Davis's community activist supporters who have expressed so much hatred for Moore will do when Davis approves Moore's much desired sign ordinance change? So much for Mr. Davis's tired routine on how he always asks neighbors what they want first. Money talks.

Will the activist turn on him or will they rationalize like Davis has by calling the building of a Moore's gas station and McDonald's as economic development or drink more of his Kool Aid?

Anonymous said...

Fact check: Gary Davis purchased his bags, which also support local businesses, from Paula Maita and Company. Last we checked that was an Elk Grove business.

Anonymous said...

According to the article, he states he did not purchase local. So...did he? Didn't he? But even if he purchased some bags, that seems a minimal committment to EG. With all the hoopa he professes to do, he should be supporting small business here in town...I think purchases some "bags" doesn't cut it! I'm with poster above....put your money where your mouth is. You raise funds locally, but don's spend them locally. What's wrong with this picture?

Author, Author! said...

The article was pretty telling of who Gary really has become. His donations almost all came from builders and developers and the money he spent of all the glossy fliers we receive every day were purchased outside of Elk Grove.

He's not supporting small businesses located in our own city. Shame on you, Gary!

Your real persona is begining to show through. Look eveyone, The Emporer Has New Clothes!

Thanks for exposing yourself, just days before election day.

amused in fast food city said...

The emperor didn't even pay for his own filing fee!

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