Elk Grove To Consider $80k Expenditure For Holiday Ice Rink

Ice Unlimited Inc. operates this ice rink in Rancho Cordova. Hopes to recover some costs through ticket, concession sales At their reg...

Ice Unlimited Inc. operates this ice rink in Rancho Cordova.
Hopes to recover some costs through ticket, concession sales

At their regular meeting next Wednesday, the Elk Grove City Council will consider a proposal from the city's economic development director to forgo the regular bidding process and spend $80,000 for a Holiday-themed Old Town Elk Grove ice skating rink.

According to the report from the city's economic development department, the temporary rink would provide a seasonal amenity meant to draw additional shoppers to the Old Town area. The request is seeking to have the normal bid process waived for the project and to award an $80,000 contract to a yet to be named entity owned by Ice Unlimited, Inc.

For the fee, the newly formed entity will operate the rink and a host of other services. The report noted the city will pay an estimated additional $75,000 to cover electricity, water, promotion and trash collection.

The report also noted exclusive of the direct costs covered by the city, it is anticipated that some of the $80,000 cost paid to the operator will recovered through revenue sharing.

Next Wednesday's meeting starts at 6 p.m.

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fastfood city said...

$155,000 minus our cut of the concessions and ticket sales, on the 4 acres of surplus railroad property we are paying $1 million for. It will take a lot of hotdogs and cokes to make that back. I'd say the downtown businesses might benefit, but what is open down there in the evening anyway?

Bona-fide business people would be laughing their *sses off at this sweetheart of a deal on the taxpayers dime!

Anonymous said...

INSANE! Few stats from the contract............
The ice rink is expected to be open daily Saturday, November 17, through Monday, January 21, from 10am – 10pm. (that's less than 30 days away, making much in he contract null & void)

Capable of servicing approximately 25,000 skaters and "spectators."

Adults: $11.00, includes Ice Rink admission and skate rental
Children (17 and under): $9.50, includes Ice Rink admission and skate rental.

Where are those 4,000 people coming from seven days a week, 12 hrs. a day and where do they park? Kids are in school and parents are at work. (if they have a job) I have also found that anything the OTEGF is involved in is a no-brainer...example lst Saturdays...BIG FLOP!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if things must be getting desperate for our Economic Development Director, Randy Starbuck if that's the best idea he can come up with. Not only that, but if our City Council goes along with this idea we need to start with this election and make some changes.

An Upset Citizen said...

I am pretty sure Jerry Braxmeyer wouldn't go along with this scheme if he were elected. You are right, if the council goes along with this it is time to start replacing the council and we can start with a vote for Braxmeyer.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? This is insane! I agree, Randy Starbuck must be really reaching to justify his job if this is the only thing he can up with by way of economic development.

And who is going to pay for the insurance here? What about police services?

If the "Gang of Five" goes for this, all five need to be removed for incompetence!

Anonymous said...

Not bad idea...it gives Elk Grove family and kids options. Many already travel to other cities that offer this. Not sure of the location though, could get better turnouts somewhere with better traffic and ease. Downtown really isn't the destination place, even for locals... But it's worth trying out..elk grove can be boring, so something new is worth a try.....

Tom said...

This is almost as dumb an idea as building a soccer stadium. No parking and what is there to shop for in Old Town? Chinese food or spa treatments are all that come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Huuum...what's with the cities economic director trying to bypass the RFP process and public discussion and trying to put this in place in a 23 days time span? A lot of other questions remain when reading the agenda item...10 a.m. - 10 p.m., who in the heck goes ice skating at 10 a.m.? Kids are in school and parents at work. (if they have a job) Where do the est. 4,000 people park each day?

As they say "Haste Makes Waste!)

Anonymous said...

Folsom is not going to be putting up an ice rink this year, so this says to me this is a money pit waiting to happen. There is a hecka lot more to do in Folsom than there is in Old Elk Grove.

How much money has the city poured down the Old Elk Grove toilet in the past 12 years of cityhood? It's time to stop. As noted above, there only thing in Old Town is Chinese food or salon services. Parking is, at best, problematic. Plug the drain and stop pouring money into Old Town. It's time for it to finally die. Nothing more pathetic than keeping the old gal going on life support. We can't afford the electric bill!

Reese McClain

Anonymous said...

Come on. everybody. So called Old Town Elk Grove is a nothig place. Most of it isn't even really old. We couldn't have a tatoo "parlor" but we can have 20 spas and salons. Wase of real estate. Level it and put in something people want to drive 5 mile to see/buy/do.

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