Scherman Snags Firefighters Endorsement in EG Mayoral Race

Elk Grove City Council Member and mayoral candidate Sophia Scherman announced she has been endorsed by local firefighters. Elk Grove Fi...

Elk Grove City Council Member and mayoral candidate Sophia Scherman announced she has been endorsed by local firefighters.

Elk Grove Fire Fighters Local 522, which represents members of the Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD), have given their endorsement to Scherman in her bid to become the first directly elected mayor of Elk Grove. Prior to being elected to the city's council in 2000, Scherman served on the CCSD which was then known as the Elk Grove Community Services District.

“I am honored to receive the support of the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day,” Scherman said in a statement on her campaign website. “Our community needs a strong focus and vision on public safety to rebuild our economy and housing market”

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Anonymous said...

Bad move by the firefighter union. Davis is on the Council win or lose the Mayor race. They just gave him a reason to make Elk Grove ground zero for public pension reform. We already know it is politically popular - just look at San Jose and San Diego.

Way to start the fire 522.

Anonymous said...

Interest thought.

However Firefighters not under the jurisdiction of the city. The EGPD is and that is why they may be so quiet. I am sure they are watching and waiting.

Connie said...

Interesting is right. Has the 522 forgotten that Sophia Scherman voted with Leary & Co. to sue what was then the Elk Grove CSD. That little lawsuit cost us taxpayers a million dollars in legal fees so that we could sue ourselves. I would venture to guess, in these tough times, both the city and the CCSD would like that money back; we taxpayers sure do.

Sophia said and did nothing when Leary announced down in Galt that the city was going to instituted a hostile takeover of the Elk Grove CSD Fire Dept, which only added to fuel to fire.

It was because of all of that back in 2006, the 522 got strongly behind both Gary Davis and Pat Hume with that IE because they wanted the lawsuit to end and Leary put out of business regarding the takeover. And both did just that as soon as they were sworn in.

And now the 522 is endorsing Sophia! What has she done to earn their support?

Anonymous said...

Well as Connie points out, the firefighters dropped a lot of money in 2006 on Davis and Hume. Since then they have not been as active.

Two things to consider. First will they give Scherman something more than just a moral victory over Davis in the form of good cold hard cash? Or radio ads like they did in 2006?

Second, while Scherman may not have have done anything for them, what has Davis done? Was he alone responsible for improving relations with the CSD?

While firefighters were silent on the $3.3 million prison deal, EG Police officers were not to happy and they let it be known.

Regardless of the outcome, Davis will still be on the council for two more years and the police officers still have to deal with him. The firefighters, who don't have to deal with the city, and police have similar interests so could it be that the firefighters are a proxy of sorts for police?

Anonymous said...

"could it be that the firefighters are a proxy of sorts for police?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck. Bad move by the fire dept. hope people will let her just fade away.

Anonymous said...

Endorsements are obviously important. Any entity making an endorsement must engage in the process in a serious manner as endorsement reflects not only on the endorsee but the endorser as well. By Local 522 choosing to Scherman they have devalued any and all endorsements they may make in the future. Disappointing and sad.

Phyllis Leighton

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