Will Davis' Money Simply Overwhelm Mayoral Opponents?

Will slick mailers like this be more influential for voters than the candidates spoken words on actual issues and ideas? Will money ove...

Will slick mailers like this be more influential for voters than the candidates spoken words on actual issues and ideas?

Will money overwhelm ideas, issues? One last forum for voters to get uncluttered view

In the last few days mailers for Elk Grove City Council Member and mayoral candidate Gary Davis started to appear in voters mailboxes. While mailers are de rigueur in most political campaigns, for Elk Grove voters, Davis's mailer could be the only mayoral mailer they will receive from the field of six candidates.

Not surprisingly Davis, with the exception of possible his city council colleague Sophia Scherman, is probably the only one of the six candidates to have the type of money required to blanket area mailboxes. As was previously reported, Davis has amassed $85,000 this year alone.

For this year his opponents combined have amassed $39,458 or about 45 percent of Davis' total. Further, of the $39,458 raised by Davis' opponents, $18,890 are loans primarily from the candidates to their respective campaign.

Exclusive of the personal loans, Davis' opponents raised $20,568, or about 25 percent of Davis' total. For his part, Davis has not made any personal loans to his campaign this year.

While each of the six candidates have ideas and issues that are important to them, will Davis' overwhelming financial punch be too much for his opponents to overcome? Without the resources to match Davis, will they be able to reach out and convey their message to voters in a meaningful way?

To this end, voters will have one more opportunity to see all six candidates up close and personal next Wednesday as the Fallbrook Neighborhood Assoc. will hold the fourth and final mayoral forum of this election season (More details here.).

We urge voters to attend Fallbrook's forum and make their decision based on what candidates have to say, not how much or how little money they have amassed.

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EG Rod said...

His mailer looks awfully "white." No one of color, no staements about representing multi-cultural families. Looks like he's running a campaign in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Davis is white and so is his family. The mailer features him and his family. Geez... When will this campaign be over?

Anonymous said...

To anon above, read it again! The flyer shows pictures of many people beyond just his family--all lily white in one of the most diverse communities in the country! Oh well, he'll be off to the capitol soon, drawing a full-time assemblyman pay from the public trough.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Gary Davis has a beautiful family and he is proud of them. As far as diversity, read his endorsements; there is support from many members of the community.

And here goes EGN again, making it all about money. Gary is going to win on his merits, not his money!

Anonymous said...

Ok...a thread drift...but my kids say Davis looks gay in all these photos...LOL....but I think I must agree that these flyer are of no use to me...they go right into the recycle bin. I do not make my voting choices based on shiny advertisments and family photos. I rather try to figure out if the candidate stands for what I stand for. Getting harder to find such a person.

Anonymous said...

Hey Drift, check out Lynn Wheat's website by clicking her name on the left side of the page here entitled "elk Grove Mayoral Websites."

I think you'll find what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Look again. There are only two photos that aren't his family. 1 is the late Dave Morse. The other is a large group of people with many beautiful shades of colors and ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Quite easy for a candidate to decline campaign contributions and to critize those candidates that do accept/solicit contributions when said candidate has a snowball's chance of winning.

What's more interesting to this voter is Scherman's attempt to hijack another candidate's campaign platform. Unfortunately for Scherman I'm pretty sure voters are perfectly able to distinguish between Scherman and Wheat. Time to put the old girl out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

"Snowball chance of winning" you say...then why is Davis so twitchy? With the firefighters going to Sophia, Davis lost a huge ally. Looks like Sophia is picking up steam...just like Romney. At least this race will be an interesting three way race.....guess Davis will just have to get those darn developers to drop some more money into his kitty.

Anonymous said...

So I guess anon (two up from here) you are just verifying the Davis machine will win based on money from donors and not ideas. It is bad enough DC operates way. EG no different other than scale I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Money and more Money. It is all ablut the money. He has over $100,000 in his war chest. How can you not say it is not about the money. This is getting to be a little crazy when most people who would like to run (like Lyn ) have little chance because they will not sell out.. Go Gary.. please just go on up the food chain. Stop using Elk Grove as your steping stone.

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