EGCC to Receive Report Outlining Options To Fill Davis Vacancy

Special election would cost over $500k Following the election of Gary Davis from council member to mayor, Davis and his city council pe...

Special election would cost over $500k

Following the election of Gary Davis from council member to mayor, Davis and his city council peers will receive a report at Wednesday night's regular meeting on their options to fill the coming vacancy.

With his election to a two-year term as mayor, Davis will be vacating his four-year term council seat that he was elected to in 2010.

Elk Grove City Clerk Jason Lindgren has complied a report outlining the options the council can take to fill the vacancy.

Among the legal options available are appointment of a person who lives with in District 4 by January 23, 2013 or calling of a special election that is estimated to cost up to $545,475.

The staff report recommends that a recruitment process be initiated to fill the vacancy by appointment noting that it may take up to six months to schedule a special election. The report does not address any legal requirements should the council not reach a consensus on an appointment.

Read the complete report here.

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Anonymous said...

This just blows my mind to think that I didn't do my homework or listen to some of the comments about this. Mr. Davis may be a nice, I'll take that back. Mr. Davis knew this and still thought it was in the best interest of EG for him to run for Mayor before his term expired and cost the taxpayers dearly. OR perhaps stack the city council with someone who leans their way. Seems we lose whatever is done.

Then again, you think this is "out there", just wait until you read the next item on the Agenda.....all 200 pages about the World's greatest Aquatic Center that will put us on the map!

Anonymous said...

The honorable thing to do for Mr. Davis would have been to step down from his city counicl seat to run for Mayor and have his council seat up for election at the same time. Davis wanted it both ways no matter what the cost to the city and the citizens would be.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like buyer's remorse! Wait 'till the political machine gets cranking at full speed.

Anonymous said...

Nope sounds like sour grapes.

The voters are the ones that set this up back in 2010.

You're right, you should have done your homework; 2010 and 2012!

Steve L said...

This city wastes so much money on frivolous things, hair-brained ideas, using poor judgement it seems at every turn, but when it comes to spending money to insure democracy is carried out and that the principles this country is founded on and ideals that our forefathers have died protecting, this council is reluctant to spend the money.

Oh, where did we go so wrong? Where did we lose sight of the principles that matter?

We all have become so apathetic.

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