Region Builders Pleased With Elk Grove, Regional Election Results

Region Builders scored the election of Davis as Elk Grove mayor as a victory for their association. As with any election, there are tho...

Region Builders scored the election of Davis as Elk Grove mayor as a victory for their association.

As with any election, there are those happy with the results and those who are not so happy. For the Region Builders, the results of several of Tuesday's elections were quite pleasing.

Region Builders, which is an association of building contractors, has a stated mission "to create a political climate in our region that encourages profitable building through decreased regulation and lower fees; as well as more governmental accountability, transparency and efficiency."

The association also advocates among other things fee deferral programs, The Capital Southeast Connector project and the establishment of the "Executive Mayor" and "Direct-Elect Mayor" form of local governments.

Among the numerous election results Region Builders lauded was the election of Gary Davis as Elk Grove's first popularly elected mayor.

On their website, Region builders said "it is great to see that years of preparation, fundraising, strategy, and hard-work have paid-off. The results for the elections are below. As you can see, Region Builders candidates dominated the local election scene."

See the list of candidates they supported here.

Among Region Builder members who donated to Davis' mayoral campaign was Sacramento Builders Exchange who gave $3,000 as of Oct. 20, 2012. Schetter Electric, whose Frank Schetter is on the Region Builders Board of Directors, gave Davis $4,000 in June.

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Anonymous said... sad that special interest laud their victories in the faces of local residents who then have to live with what these builders bring to a city...cracker box houses and more rooftops...don't we have enough foreclosed homes in EG? "Fee deferral?" To whose benefit?? "Profitable buidling??" Profitable for the developer means cheap housing for EG... I guess Gary has been in their pocket for some time seeing as all "it is great to see that years of preparation, fundraising, strategy, and hard-work have paid-off." Again, paid off for whom? It is very sad to know that 3,000-5,000 more homes will be built here, negatively effecting existing home values. Flood our city with more homes will only de-value our already reduced home values. Glad to see the new Mayor already re-paying his political debts.

not amused in fast food city said...

When the voting public finally wakes up and sees what kind of city these builders have left us with, it will be too late. Their retirement equity will be similar to those in South Sacramento. Oh well, U-Haul does one-way rentals out of town I guess. I will keep my yellow pages of the phone book tabbed for easy reference.

Josh said...

It is good to see that a coalition of business leaders made some gains in the local elections.

Fed-up with the spin said...

Josh, from my perspective, the issue here is not local businesses making gains in the local elections, rather it is how some of the elected official spin it these so-caled award for being so business friendly. Some of our elected officials will say they stand for one thing and actually behave just the opposite. Mr. Davis is the case in point.

For all of Elk Grove Councilman Pat Hume's shortcoming, he actually has an ever so slightly, slightly higher degree of integrity than Mr. Davis because he generally doesn't hide the fact he never saw a housing development he didn't like.

Lets see how Mr. Davis spins his "building stronger neighborhoods" b*llsh*t when Mr. Moore comes calling with his sign ordinance. Whose water will Mr. Davis be carrying then? At least Mr. Hume never pretended to be so pro-neighborhood.

Michael Monasky said...

Strong journalism here, reminiscent of Upton Sinclair; greatly appreciated.
Keep digging.
Most discussion about corruption focuses on Congress, but organizations that act like Region Builders make me question the delusion of democracy at the local level.
There's outright evil, and then there's hypocrisy. What a choice!
I cannot wait for the harvest of a new crop from Mr. Davis' 'leadership' charter school run at taxpayer expense.

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