Old Town Elk Grove First Wednesday Food Truck Event Kicks-Off

Under clear and cool skies, Old Town Elk Grove's monthly food truck event kicked-off tonight to an appreciative group of food truck...

Under clear and cool skies, Old Town Elk Grove's monthly food truck event kicked-off tonight to an appreciative group of food truck aficionados.

The new event, which is being presented by Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, was held at the vacant lot recently purchased and owned by the City of Elk Grove directly adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad track that bisects Old Town. In addition to six food trucks on hand, the diners enjoyed music and entertainment for children.

The event is scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month from 5 - 8 p.m.

See more pictures below.

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Anonymous said...

Use of City Property? How is the City being reimbursed? Do all vendors have up to date insurance covering the City? This is not the City of Gary Davis. Seems like he has overstepped his authority again.

Fast Food City said...

Sounds like a real dignified shindig--wonder if Granite Bay or El Dorado Hills is holding these monthly events too? Since we helped pay for the $1 million piece of land, can we get a discount on our hotdog?

Anonymous said...

Amazing Food
Three Great Vendors
Three Local Nonprofits
Fun Music
Mayor Davis & Staff you knocked this one out of the ballpark
See you next month

Anonymous said...

But does nothing that is not politically motivated. Excerpt from 8/1/2012 EG Patch article:

"How can you tell when an industry has matured? When the businesses involved hire a lobbyist and start disagreeing about how to best represent their interests, that’s usually a sign.

That’s what’s happening in Sacramento’s mobile food scene, where the scrappy, nimble truck operators that have been giving brick-and-mortar restaurants a run for their money are starting to get more organized.

A group of about 20 area food truck owners—including at least one from Elk Grove—announced Tuesday that they’re forming the non-profit California Mobile Food Association, a regional group with ambitions to expand statewide."

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the restaurants in Old Towne feel about Davis’ monthly food truck project. It appears by the above poster, that this is just Davis and his staff flaunting their do goodness trying to satisfy their own egos.

Since when does a part time mayor have a staff? And who pays them?

Anonymous said...

I have already tired of Mayor Gary "Fluffy" Davis. No substance to this man whatsoever. What is Davis doing on the real issues facing this city?

Anonymous said...

If the event was a catalyst for economic stimulation, then why were the local businesses not open? We walked around down there last night and the only thing open was the Chinese Restaurant and the hair salon.
I am curious; this is city owned land, correct? So was this a city sponsored event? Or did Mayor Davis sponsor and pay for the use of the land? Who paid for the electricity and permitting? DId this cost the taxpayer anything?

I appreciate trying to hold community events, but at what cost to me the taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like most of the posters here need to get a life! It was a very nice event, and I for one support that Gary Davis is trying to bring community events to our city.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of mr Davis , his visions seem blurred, but I do enjoy a good roach coach festival......

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