Mayor Davis to Hold Campaign Fundraiser, Birthday Party

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis announced a re-election fundraiser and 39th birthday bowling party via his Twitter feed this afternoon. The ...

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis announced a re-election fundraiser and 39th birthday bowling party via his Twitter feed this afternoon.

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 19 at the Pins n Strikes bowling alley on Laguna Blvd. Tickets are priced at $39 for individuals, $390 for sponsor and $3,900 for host.

More information regarding the event is available here.

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This is laughable said...

"War Chest: In politics, a war chest is funding obtained from donors well in advance of a campaign, usually accumulated by an incumbent for either re-election or to contest a more advanced office, or provided by a wealthy candidate to their own campaign. The possession of such excess funds may discourage otherwise viable candidates from a primary or general election challenge."

Source: Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

"Campaign fundraiser??" Really? Didn't he just get elected. Can't we all get a little breather? This constant attempt to line politican's pockets is offensive. If my memory serves me correctly, doesn't Davis have north of 100,000in his warchest? No EG election for two more years. Is this warchest being padded for a run at assembly on our local dime? Getting tired of Davis constantly in our faces. This isn't a popularity contest. Can't you do your job without fanfare, glitter and accolades? How about a little humility?

Anonymous said...

This will pretty much put the kabosh to Detrick running against Davis. So much for Detrick stealing the limelight!

Anonymous said...

This is nothing about Davis running for Mayor in 2014 as he would like for you to believe. It's obvious from this that we will see little from the Mayor during his term since his focus will be on Fund Raisers for big & better things in 2014...and that won't be for Mayor. So Detrick need not worry if that is in the future for him.

Bonnie said...

Yes, this Davis mantra of "me, me, me," is begining to wear thin. I voted for him in the past, but he's drastically changed from the person he was in 2006.

I'm looking forward to him leaving EG now. He's lost his perspective and humility. I guess politics has that affect on most of those it controls.

That's too bad, I thought Gary was above what he has become.

I won't be supporting him at anymore fundraisers.

Anonymous said...

I agree very disappointed in what I'm seeing from him. We will also no longer be supporting him in his fundraisers. I saw an article in the Citizen, "Mayor to meet with non-profits for "hive" plan." Is this not something that should involve all the City Council? It seems Mayor Davis has fallen into that old trap, as you say, me, me, me. Very disappointed.

We all know this Fundraiser is not for the 2014 Mayor Davis run, but for Assembly. Watch your step Mr. Davis or you may just lose EG's support. Slow down and give us a breather...EG cannot handle a 3 year Davis political run.




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Mayor to meet with nonprofits on ‘hive’ plan

Anonymous said...

Blocks of vacant buildings, no jobs and our Mayor is concerned about increasing his warchest. Seems he needs a "Reality" checkup. Seems that "Mayor" title has gone to his head. FYI
Mr. Davis, that
Mayor title is really not that big a deal in this little community of Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

This is more a byproduct of the campaign finance system and a two year mayoral term. It costs $100k to run a winning campaign in Elk Grove. The seat is up every two years.

Davis spent most of his campaign funds on the Mayoral race. Check the record. There is no war chest.

Such a cynical group on this blog....

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the last poster. The negativity of some of these people is amazing.

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