Elk Grove to Break Ground on Trail Connector, Pedestrian Bridge Across Hwy. 99

The City of Elk Grove will soon break ground on it's first pedestrian and bicycle freeway overcrossing bridge. A large gap in th...

The City of Elk Grove will soon break ground on it's first pedestrian and bicycle freeway overcrossing bridge.

A large gap in the City of Elk Grove’s trail system will soon be linked as a bicycle and pedestrian trail is built along Elk Grove Creek from Laguna Springs Drive to Emerald Vista Drive, which includes the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Highway 99. Officials will break ground on Tuesday, May 14. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. at 9499 E. Stockton Boulevard in Elk Grove.

The event will mark the beginning of the one-year project of a nearly 1,300-foot long, 14-foot wide bridge spanning East and West Stockton Boulevard and Highway 99 that will connect to a new 2,640-foot long, 12-foot wide asphalt trail along the creek. Minimal nighttime freeway and frontage road closures can be expected during the process along with some varying freeway lane shifts.

More information about the Elk Grove Creek Trail Crossing Project is available here or by calling the Public Works at 687-3005.

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Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up... Don't mistake me for a "green groupie" because I'm not. Foot / bike friendly roads and trails are an important part of a city's health, safety and... beauty. Good stuff! Understandably, it isn't cheap and, as such, we need to be sure that foot/bike friendly features are incorporated into future road design. (Hint: it is cheaper to add during initial design than bolt it on afterward) But, the takeaway for today: Bravo!

Jill said...

I agree with the above comment. These are the type of infrastructure projects that add value to the city. I applaud the trails committee for persevering on this - nice job Sharon!

I hope our city council members will, as the one of the mayoral candidates stated so succinctly, make Elk Grove better, not bigger.

Jeff O said...

Congratulations to the trails committee and to the city for making this happen. With all of the major infrastructure improvements and development plans being discussed this may not be on everyone’s radar but represents a very important step in the right direction.
This new trail connector represents our city's commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as a balance between the environment and urban growth. Not only is this attractive and desired by current residents but also for individuals and families looking for a place to live. People want things to do when they’re not working, whether it is walking trails, sports parks, community theatres, museums, etc…. If you make the city an attractive and desirable place to live, then the people who open businesses and create jobs will want to relocate here and set up shop where they live. Plan smart, involve the community, spend wisely, set a high but realistic standard and stay the course. Word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy. The more people talk about how much the love living here and what they have access to then the more desirable our city becomes.

Lynn said...

Jeff O,
I appreciate your comments and all of those above!! Since I began attending City Council meetings in 2000 this has been my message; better planning; bike trails areas to walk. I even suggested as the general plan was discussed; planning for another regional park in the east area with the anticipated growth. This idea was shot down. WE need our open spaces. I have fought for preserving an area within our city with habitat, wetlands and vernal pools...This would be a long term asset to our community. I stand by what I ran on; Let's make Elk Grove Better not Bigger. Most certainly now is not the time expand the city boundaries, especially as I read this morning the population growth in California has dropped.

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