Sacramento LAFCo To Discuss Elk Grove's SOI at Meeting

At this evening's regular meeting of the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), the City of Elk Grove's long-soug...

At this evening's regular meeting of the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), the City of Elk Grove's long-sought expansion plans will be front and center.

The expansion plans are being sought in the city's so-called sphere of influence (SOI) application. The SOI is the first regulatory hurdle the city face's in its pursuit of  annexation of 12 sq. miles of mostly agricultural land that lies on the current southern boundary.

Specifically, tonight's meeting will discuss the recently issued recirculated draft environmental impact report (EIR). At a workshop held in Elk Grove last week, the draft EIR was criticized by several participants.

A proposed subdivision map for the original SOI area.
The Elk Grove City Council, led by Mayor Gary Davis, have stated it wants to have the land under the city's sphere of influence as a long-term planning tool and that when the land is annexed, it will be used to attract non-retail employers. Davis has repeatedly said annexation of the area is part of the solution to solving Elk Grove jobs to houses imbalance, which is the worst in the region.

As assortment of smart-growth and environmental groups have opposed the application and have expressed skepticism that the application is nothing but a facade to further residential development.   

Public comment can be submitted on the recirculated draft EIR until 4 p.m on May 21. Tonight's meeting will be held at Board Chambers, Sacramento County Administration Center, 700 H Street, Sacramento, and starts at 5:30 p.m.

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Gregory Jones said...

The proposed subdivision map does not look suitable for "non-retail employers".

For some reason, the words and the paper seem a bit out of alignment with each other.

Rocky Balboa said...

Welcome to this evening's heavyweight bout, a two-round winner-take-all match to settle the disputed 8,000 acres of Dirt. In the left corner wearing the baggy green trunks stuffed with hundred dollar bills, hailing from Roseville and Granite Bay...the current undisputed heavyweight champion of Elk Grove--please give it up for the B-I-A!!!!!

And in the right corner, wearing the budget-priced chain-store trunks from Goodwill, and shoes from Discount Shoe Warehouse, hailing from Elk Grove and representing the taxpayers, give it up for The Little People!!!

Referees for this evening's bout are the LAFCo board members, some, who according to Sophia Scherman, "are not friendly to Elk Grove", and others who are ready to award the prize right now! This fight is being sanctioned by the tax dollars of Elk Grove, with over one million dollar's bounty being spent over the past few years for this event.

Now, please stand for the local anthem, that 1962 Drifters classic, "Up On The Roof(tops)" sung this evening by The Back Room Boys, in honor of the good old days when the money flowed and dirt was cheap!


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