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By Penny Beancounter | May 6, 2013 | Penny Beancounter here once again, with an eye on how our money is being spent at Elk Grove C...

By Penny Beancounter | May 6, 2013 |

Penny Beancounter here once again, with an eye on how our money is being spent at Elk Grove City Hall. The May 8 City Council agenda has been released and Item 8.2 contains all the juicy details of checks written during the past month. Let's see, opening the treasure chest lid reveals some interesting nuggets this month.

Payment #6860 shows $342.90, and Payment #6893 shows $912.50 being paid to A4 Promotions and Incentives. A little online research shows this is a company based out of Sacramento that provides "Sales Promotions, Employees Motivations, Corporate Communications, Recognition Programs, Business Printing, Video Production and Social Media Management." Well, any company named "Incentives" has my vote!

Payment #6974 shows almost $41,000 being paid this month to the law firm serving as the City Attorney. Extrapolated, that will work out to about $492,000 this year, not counting the other attorneys on the City's payroll. This would be a spot to insert a lawyer joke, but humor at the expense of the taxpayers is not funny! But wait there's more! Payment #72204 shows $2,574 being paid to another law firm, Borton Patrini LLP. You can never have enough legal representation! 

Of course everyone needs a good night's sleep once in awhile. I will call this the month of sleeping good. Payments #72280 thru 72282 is three payments to Hampton Inn rooms in Oakland for $286 each. Motel 6 will leave the light on for you. For $286 a night at Hampton Inn in Oakland, they'll probably light up the whole parking lot for you! Payment #72358 shows another $653 spent at the Four Points Sheraton at some unknown location. Payments #72369 thru 72372 are four payments to Townplace Suites, a brand of Marriott, for $767 each. Payment #72535 is a $485 payment to the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. Then there's Payments #72542 and 72543 for $244 each at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. Heads I win, tails you lose! 

Payment #72287 shows $61.95 being paid to All About Balloons. I've been told I am full of hot air, maybe I can start a business!

Payment #72302 and 72203 shows about $4,450 being paid to the EG PAL, the non-profit Elk Grove Police Activities League. Reporting just the facts ma'am!

The City is staying in the free parking business for the forseeable future or are they getting out? Payment #72409 is a $900 payment to Freeport Ventures LLC. In 2010, the City Council approved a lease with these guys for the old "Brewery" parking lot. Isn't this the parking lot that will serve the new restaurant that wants $175,000 in incentive money from the City? 

It's nice to know we have a heart here in Elk Grove. Payment #72449 is a $4,000 donation to Can-Sirs, Inc. a non-profit cancer awareness group based in Chico, that will be holding a fund raising softball tournament in Elk Grove on May 18-19th.

Work hard, play hard! Payment #72459 is a payment of $4,000 to the Sacramento County Fair. Maybe we will enter the "pork" eating contest?

Speaking of food eating, Payment #72525 is a $359 payment to Asante Catering out of Sacramento. Their web page describes them as a "Family owned caterer that offers buffet or full service gourmet catering to the Sacramento area. DJ services available and large or small parties welcome" Then there's Payment #72550 for $151 to Vic's Ice Cream out of Sacramento.  Shop local?

So April wraps up with everyone tucked in their hotel beds, full of food, and looking forward to next month.
Contributor and taxpayers watchdog Penny Beancounter informs EGN they have invested in a new green eyeshades to help keep an eye on how Elk Grove taxpayers dollars are being spent.

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Sarah Johnson said...

Glad to see this. Hope it will make more people think about following this each City Council agenda. It takes a little effort to read though the transactions, but a more informed citizenry can only be a good thing.

Lydia said...

Looks like our city staff is more than a little hypocritical about EG businesses. Shame on them for using Sacramento businesses to the detriment of our own businesses....and they speak about promoting and supporting local businesses? incentives (our tax $$) to bring in new business, but they themselves don't support them?

What's new around here. This is business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see they shop local. Spend that much to stay in Oakland? Where????

Great reporting!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so much better now that the people in charge here are spending the money well and having fun doing it!!!! :(


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