Moving Up The Food Chain, Elk Grove Mayor Joins Bigger Charter School Group

August 30, 2013 | Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, a charter school advocate , recently advanced his career by joining one of the state&...

August 30, 2013 |

Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, a charter school advocate, recently advanced his career by joining one of the state's larger charter school advocacy groups.

Davis recently left his position as Political Director of EdVoice and joined the California Charter School Association (CCSA) where he is employed as that group's Director of Board Engagement and Leadership Development. According to the CCSA's website, Davis will work "with charter school leaders and board members throughout the state to develop a local civic infrastructure that supports high quality charter schools. This includes leadership training and development, along with the establishment of local programs to sustain this effort."

According to the California Secretary of State's database, among the CSAA's largest benefactors are Reed Hastings  and Carrie Penner Walton. Hasting was associated with EdVoice and Penner Walton is a Walton family heiress, founders and major shareholders of Wal Mart.

Hastings and Penner Walton are both board members of CSAA and vocal charter school advocates that typically run afoul of teachers unions and large segments of the Democratic party, of which Davis is a member.

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chickens said...

A Democrat who sh*ts on the teacher's union! How does this guy keep getting reelected?

Anonymous said...

I think the Mayor is a Democrat out of convenience. When he went seat shopping in 2005, he saw a vulnerable unpopular Republican. He made his calculation, lined up his cash, and the rest, as they say is history.

Anonymous said...

So the majority of his constituents have their children in public school, while he promotes charter schools. Another way he's disconnected from the voters. How does Trigg feel about this since most people in public education don't like charters due to many factors. I agree what do voters see in him. Maybe it's because there hasn't been anyone else, LaWanna and Lynn just don't resonate with enough voters, hopefully some strong candidates will step up. I liked Ed Busitel from the previous appointment process, I wish he'd stay involved.

Arnold Horseshack said...

Mayor Davis is working hard for good schools. Get of his back!

Anonymous said...

Arnold, I don't care that he's working for good schools. I want him to work hard at listening to the people in this city, stop playing politics, be a leader, establish standards. Don't mix his job with his commitment to the voters.

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