City of Elk Grove Launches 'In Elk Grove' Tourism Program, Site

October 30, 2013 | In a move to re-brand itself as a destination, the City of Elk Grove unveiled a new website developed to highlight th...

October 30, 2013 |

In a move to re-brand itself as a destination, the City of Elk Grove unveiled a new website developed to highlight the city's tourist attractions.

The new site, dubbed, highlights the city's dining, shopping, lodging and meeting venues.

“Elk Grove is a gem just waiting for the rest of the region to discover,” Mayor Gary Davis said in the city's press release. “I want everyone to know about Elk Grove’s assets, and discover our unique restaurants, stores, historical sites, parks, hotels, and local entertainment. The launch of ‘In Elk Grove’ signifies our commitment to promoting Elk Grove as a destination and achieving our goal of showing visitors the vibrancy, energy and charm of our community.”

As part of the promotion, the city has also produced a video featuring local eateries including Leatherby's, Mikuni's, Paesano's and of course the ever-popular food trucks mobs.

According to the press release, the site will be promoted through regional social media and online advertising, print advertising on the Elk Grove Automall digital billboard and at community events. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, my first impression is that we must have tons and tons of eateries to choose from...when in reality we cannot keep a steak house or a salad bar in the city. And if this was supposed to highlight the city, it did a poor job. There is more to life than food! How about family, activities, etc? Maybe there will be a second video highlighting our city's other fine "attractions"??

Anonymous said...

What about places of worship? If people are going to come here for a weekend several of them will want to know where they can go for worship. Or is the city afraid they will offend someone like the ACLU?

SteveB6509 said...

Good God there is no pleasing you people. This is an absolutely brilliant video. Now I'm really hungry.

Anonymous said...

A good start, but the tag line did say shop, eat, stay, meet...

The video is nicely done but surely we are more than restaurants.

Thomas A. Anderson said...

SteveB, I am glad the video whetted your appetite. In that way it worked.

I think the bigger question is this video alone sufficient to draw diners from Midtown, Roseville, Folsom, Lodi, Davis, Sacramento much less the Bay Area to make the trip to Elk Grove for just a meal? Perhaps if the city had a real farm to fork movement, a real performing arts venue with regular productions or at least a half dozen more winery's people from around the region might make the trip. With nothing else to bolster our good but sparse selection of independent (read non-chain) restaurants, I doubt someone will make the trip here to shop at any chain store found in every other community or have their kids play at park that can be found in any suburban neighborhood.

This video, while a good promotion for local restaurants to maybe get more local customers, was more likely intended to draw the "foodies" from outside of Elk Grove. Until we have some unique feature in Elk Grove not found anywhere else in the region, this video is nice, but nothing more than a a Dr. Feelgood production.

Bob L said...

All of the restaurants profiled are franchises with sites elsewhere in the area. - Nothing that soley has an EG stamp on it.

Guess that says a lot about EG and what our leaders have brought us... Even they, no matter how hard they try, can find anything unique and different from anywhere else. - Just a stop along the highway.

- Good luck w/ that "destination city" propaganda.

- Get real!

Anonymous said...

Bob L...
I think you're partly mistaken. I believe one restaurant depicted was Boulevard Bistro - which (to my knowledge has no associated franchise). Additionally, I'm certain I saw Todo un Poco which is not franchise.
I didn't immediately recognize any other local restaurants - like Brickhouse.
Of course, Mikuni was in there. But, while they aren't "local" by strictest definition, they are a Sacramento-area company - not a franchised.

Bob L said...

to Anon @ 13:46

Really? I wasn't sure what eateries were profiled as the video didn't promote the businesses, rather I was referring to the article which stated the restaurants profiled were Leatherby's, Mikuni's, and Paesano's, all eateries with additional locations, not limited to EG, therefore, not attracting people from outside the area.

The video was professional, though.

If I came from out of town to eat at one of the eateries shown, I still wouldn't know where to go.

Anonymous said...

While I agree the video was professional, I saw nothing that would make me want to go there if I even knew where "there" was. It's some plates of food being served by some restaurant employees at some restaurant. Could be from the Food Network for all I know. Did recognize Leatherby's. Totally useless IMO. Did I miss the Shop, Meet,Stay & Play portion?

All I can say is "when is
Mayor Davis going to concentrate on bringing some decent paying jobs to Elk Grove and filling some of those empty store fronts? Time to let this Destination City rhetoric go?" It's growing very tiring!

Anonymous said...

Bob L..
I hear ya... but I do think it is wise (and proper) for them to not state the names. The city shouldn't get themselves into a position where they are promoting one restaurant over another.
However, I don't think the video would be enough to encourage me to come to EG to eat... There are a few good restaurants here but certainly not a concentration of them that puts us on the map.

Anonymous 16:14...
So, yeah... I'm confused. Destination City? So, now we are abandoning the idea of 1) growing local companies and 2) attracting larger companies in favor of becoming a Destination City? Water parks, Soccer stadiums?
EG will remain a suburb of Sacramento until we act like a city. Until we get the basics down pat.. build out the services we need to attract business... complete the infrastructure that Rancho Cordova and Sacramento have... Until then, we'll simply remain Sacramento's envious little sibling.

Anonymous said...

Now, this will be helpful when my wife and I start the typical back and forth of... "Where do you want to go to dinner?" "I dunno - where do you want to go?" "I dunno... let's go some place new." "Ok, we'll go to Mikuni again."
And, I also like that, on the website, they display what restaurants are chamber members. Sure, that may not make a difference to some... but it does to me.

Darrin Stevens said...

As for the video, it plays like something you would see on TV to reinforce an identity, a brand if you will. In the world of marketing, this is standard once you have an established positive image. Unfortunately, Elk Grove's image is that of a bedroom community. It first needs to tell the viewer in more than just pictures why they should eat or visit Elk Grove. Elk Grove has not answered the most basic question for the consumer and that is "what's in it for me?"

As for restaurant imaging, it is nice, but I suspect those looking for a restaurant are more likely to use Yelp than the city's webpage. If they haven't done so already, they ought to invest in SEO to get the eyeballs to the city's site.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't something like this be done on the Chamber of Commerce's dime instead of the taxpayers?

SteveB6509 said...

OK - I'll throw it out this way (excuse my crude language)...what does the rest of the Sacramento region think of EG? More than anything else, that we are the low-class, out of the way part of the Sacramento region with no reason to visit. I REALLY like this because it starts to change that view. Is it perfect? No. But it's a good move.

For those of you wanting more jobs and perhaps companies to move here...don't you think a company owner would be more likely to consider EG after seeing this video?

I'm the first to say that many aspects of the City are done poorly. However, on whole, this was done quite well and will benefit our City.

JeffO said...

I agree Steve, I like the website I think it's a great way to begin to establish our brand. Of course we need to add to each of the categories but I like how it represents that we're proud of who we are, we're growing, and this is a great place if your looking to expand, relocate, or start up a business.

Anonymous said...

Just another perspective....while those of us who live here know there are few outlets for us to do our shopping, eat out, attend theatre or art shows, etc. without leaving Elk Grove, this web site/article just makes it somewhat laughable. He speaks of projects the city sees coming online SOON, an upscale outlet mall at the former Promenade site near Highway 99, new soccer fields and a city-operated Olympic-level pool complex and water park. Now my definition of SOON means quickly or promptly and as far as I know none are coming SOON!


"don't you think a company owner would be more likely to consider EG after seeing this video?" Not likely, a company doesn't buy into wishful thinking and a short drive from Hwy. 99 or I-5 would quickly tell the story. Just sayin....

Lynn said...

This is a good idea;who funded the idea? I really believe if our leaders could look at the residents who currently live here, respond to the citizen survey and address the issues of the residents we would begin to establish a "brand"....meeting the needs of residents. I don't know if speaking of the mall as coming soon isn't premature....It was coming many years ago? I really believe if this was a great place to relocate; tax payer incentives would not of been needed. I would of preferred the incentives used to complete some of the promised parks and bike trails. Creating a "quality of life" that businesses and employees a like look for. Starting a business; again I think the small business incentives offered by Elk Grove needed objective criteria. I submitted the ideas the first time around to council after researching it. JeffO....Businesses looking to relocate most certainly will look at the housing products currently available, will look at what is established...and will pay attention to this as they consider the "promised projects". A new trend to our area; bay area transplants who are renting but looking for homes near real transit to get to their jobs in the they are looking to buy in Sacramento and Stockton. Most certainly this site will help some of our established eateries...and I am glad for that.

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger said...

Thanks for the link to the Business Journal story.

As quoted from that story:

“We want to generate a buzz on what we’re doing in the community, and give people a deeper look at our resources,” said Davis, who is spearheading the campaign, part of a city goal to promote Elk Grove as a recreational and cultural center."

Cultural Center, really?

Aside from the annual Strauss Festival, what sort of cultural events, much less a good venue to stage them at, do we have in Elk Grove than does not somehow include food trucks?

When was a ballet performed? When was the last time a local theater group staged a play? When was the last time we had a performance by a symphony orchestra? When was the last time a significant Hip Hop artist performed here for our youth?

The answer to all of these is never!

Until we get off this strange obsession of building waterparks and soccer stadiums, we will never be anything more than just another drive-through city along Highway 99 and I-5 for people to stop for some fast food and to gas up. You want cultural events and all the money that comes with it, invest in a substantial performing arts center.

Any event where you have food trucks and vendors selling hot dogs and tacos can hardly be called a cultural event - it is a carnival!

Connie said...

I think the website is very nice and it is a good start. When the Elk Grove City Council started the civic center process and our group had one of the first outreach meetings, comments were made that we should look to form a convention and visitors bureau to attract conferences and such to Elk Grove when the civic center is built.

We are many years ways from that, but the city of Elk Grove did hire an events coordinator last year. Hopefully, party of Kristyn Nelson’s job in the meantime will be to reach out and bring smaller groups to Elk Grove that we can accommodate with what we currently have to offer.

Lynn said...

Here is an idea; Elk Grove School District built some very beautiful performing arts theaters at the high schools, as a matter of fact the History of the Blues was presented there. How about this? Continuing to provide these wonderful experiences to the residents that are here! They don't have to leave town for culture. How about this; Better use what we have and build from there? Can the city and school district work even more closely to make this happen? Laguna Town Hall...wonderful stage...How about it? The outdoor concerts in the summer provide much for residents and are well attended. How about instead of becoming a destination to others we become a destination for the residents here? How about expanding our commitment to the artists, performers, young people that live here? WE can make it happen.....How about getting more than just the Strauss Festival at eg park......we have incredible late spring summer evenings.....Instead of looking to bring what we don't have how about using what we have better? We have stages at I believe every high school.....imagine....performing arts weekend...bands, plays, would be a start....I do have a vision for our city!! I just keep looking at what we have....and I have not even discussed the outdoor possibilities....

Anonymous said...

The SOI is a land grab, Destination City is a sales tax grab!

Kristyn Nelson said...

I really appreciate all of the diologue happening in response to the article. Afterall, one of the primary objectives behind the #InElkGrove project is to get people talking about and visiting our City. The Dine video is the first of 5 such videos to be produced for the campaign and we hope that you will visit the site to see the others as they are released (stay tuned for "Shop" before the holiday rush). More information about the site and the InElkGrove campaign can be found in the release published on the City's web site at
And as the City's new Community Events & Projects Coordinator, I look forward to working with our local event producers and new groups to promote and expand the recreational event opportunities happening #InElkGrove. These are important contributions to our quality of life as residents and to our local economy. Look for new opportunities and increased visibility of current offerings in the future. :)

Bob L said...

Ok, call me an old-timer. I just saw the video earlier and commented on that above.

I didn't realize there was a website that went along with it. I just saw the website and was very impressed.- The city has finally done something positive to promote our city that everyone can get behind.
- Keep thinking outside the box, you're on the right track from where this old-timer sits.

Sarah Johnson said...

Well, they did misspell the name of one business and another business that was included is not even there any more.

J. Brachweter said...

Bob, I'm an old-timer as well and I agree, this is something positive to promote our city. Nit-picky negativity doesn't help the city grow in a positive direction.

Connie, I agree with you. Let's work to attract smaller groups using the resources currently available. We have to start somewhere and usually starting small allows for easier adjustments when needed.

EGN said...

Thanks to the commentators for the civil dialogue on this and other recent matters.

Anonymous said...

New ideas creative ideas - yes. False advertising - no.
I am a newbie sorry to step on toes. But, I want to be part of the solution and some truth-telling is crucial. Read the Twitter entries under #inelkgrove prior to 10/13.
Drive off of 5 or 99 into Elk Grove for "a tourist destination adventure". Where? What? This pretendinding could really backfire. Here is an idea: Ask marketing team and city leaders to each write a "Day in Elk Grove" guide with directions and contact info. Something a single, family, couple, or elder could print and follow. Ask citizens to create more. Have a contest. Film the adventures. Farms are our biggest attraction. Ask Apple employees "What hip secrets does EG hold?" Gift card to local restaurant to best entry........etc

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