Could the Proposed Aquatics Center Negatively Affect Elk Grove Regional Park?

View Would Proposed Aquatics Center Affect Elk Grove Regional Park? in a larger map October 2, 2013 | During the Wednesday, Se...

View Would Proposed Aquatics Center Affect Elk Grove Regional Park? in a larger map

October 2, 2013 |

During the Wednesday, September 19 environmental impact report (EIR) scoping meeting held at the Elk Grove City Hall for the proposed Aquatics Center, among the numerous topics discussed were the effects of traffic.

Should the city proceed with the commercial component of the center, a year-round water park, the traffic coming from out of town visitors from either Interstate 5 or Highway 99 would significantly increase the flow along Elk Grove Blvd. It was suggested by planning personnel at the meeting the traffic along Elk Grove Blvd to the water park could be mitigated by the construction of a new interchange at Highway 99 and Whitelock Parkway.

This idea of course has been discussed before in the context of the city's Southeast Policy Area, plans for a professional soccer stadium and general growth in the area. 

One question worth considering is if a new interchange is built at Whitelock Parkway and Highway 99, what does this mean for the Elk Grove Regional Park that is perpendicular to it on the eastern side of Highway 99? If Whitelock Parkway stays on its current course, for a new interchange to work here a large portion of the park would most likely be eaten up to accommodate it.

We certainly hope the city looks at the effects the water park might have on the Elk Grove Regional Park and the older neighborhoods east of the park should a new interchange be built at Whitelock Parkway to accommodate all the out of town visitors needed to make the center financially viable.

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Unknown said...

I would rather see the traffic get off at that brand new interchange at Grantline/Kammerer and go up to the proposed water park from there and not add another interchange. That way, it introduces the visitors to the proposed outlet stores mall.

Anonymous said...

Where do you think the tourists will be coming from?

Anonymous said...

I believe we could expect tourists from Japan as they expect a stronger yen and perhaps our Canadian neigbors who should benefit from a strong economy and enjoy a swim in our nice warm pools while having a Big Mac and shopping at the Dollar Stores or perhaps the outlet stores that Mayor Davis seems to have the inside track on with HHC. Of course we should never forget our neighbors to the south.

That being said I do agree there could be an impact on the Elk Grove Regional Park, but believe the biggest will be on all those new homeowners west of Big Horn to Lotz Parkway. That will be a major problem in the way of traffic and noise to the lifestyle they thought they bought into, thinking a community park was in the plans.

Must never forget...our city fathers wake up in another world every day and you never know what new project will unfold at High Noon.

Transparent as Mud said...

Just sit back and relax. The fine folks from Granite Bay will develop our city just fine and keep our leaders in office.

Jill said...

This interchange could be highly problematic.

Aside from building a regular interchange similar to Laguna Blvd./Bond or Grantline which would take an enormous amount of the land, there are maybe two options. One is they make Whitelock go under Hwy/99 or they could make a huge elevated cloverleaf type interchange. These would have less impact on the park but are likely to be far more expensive.

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