Truth, Distortions, Revisionism and Spin

October 1, 2013 | In the Saturday, September 28 edition of the Sacramento Bee's Real Estate Advertising Section was a story titled Co...

October 1, 2013 |

In the Saturday, September 28 edition of the Sacramento Bee's Real Estate Advertising Section was a story titled Community Profile: Elk Grove A Growing City. Now this story was not written by one the Bee's beat reporters, rather it was penned by a Folsom-based free lance writer.

The fact that this story appeared in the real estate advertising section and that it was written by someone other than a regular Bee reporter or contributor, clearly marked this story as more of a so-called advertorial piece that publications like the Bee will feature to supporter advertisers, in this case, new home builders and area realtors.

This story has some truth, some distortions, some revisionist history and a whole of spin. So much for truth in advertising.

First, the good news about this story - we are told the City of Elk Grove did not pay for it, which is a common practice for this type of advertisement. 

Aside from the spin, revisionist view of things like the Elk Grove Promenade, distortions and half-truths recounted in the feature, the bad news is that Mayor Gary Davis has announced Elk Grove will soon have a soccer stadium, once we the taxpayers purchase the 120-acre site where it will sit. And to sweeten the deal, Davis said a Major League Soccer Team is already sold on the city. 

Unless Mayor Davis and two of his cohorts do an end-around on the taxpayers and issue revenue bonds that do not need voter approval, I am sure the people of Elk Grove will want to have a word or two to say on this risky scheme.

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Sleepy said...

Gary Davis...You got some 'splainin' to do.

Have I been asleep for 2 years? Nike is coming to our new regional mall? Cool!

Nikonar Chevotarevich said...

I can't think of any scenario where as a taxpayer I would be agreeable to build a soccer stadium for Fabian Nunez and his Southern California cabal. If they think Elk Grove is such a fabulous place to build a stadium, approach your contributors from Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo or any of the big financial organizations and see if they will underwrite your idea.

My guess is they will be laughed right out of the room. But yet Mayor Davis is willing to play Russian roulette with the taxpayers money. Please explain how this even starts to benefit the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

How about that....our Mayor has hired himself a "spin doctor." He places an advertisement in the SacBee instead of going to the people he represents and being upfront with them for a change. Makes one wonder what is hidden in the "shadows."

Elk Grove must be the laughing stock of the region for this little caper by our Mayor.

Anonymous said...

What dream world is Mayor Davis living in? It's always nice to be thinking big; developing ideas and moving us forward; however this is crazy talk!! Our tax base cannot support soccer stadiums, malls, aquatic parks, etc. Pick one; complete it; move on to the next. I fear we will have multiple half done projects littered all over the town. Kinda of like the "Plaza". What exactly did we pay 1 million dollars for? A dirt lot so Mayor Davis and little Detrick can hold private events? Get back on track!!

Anonymous said...

So, per Mayor Davis, people move to Elk Grove because of well-designed streets! (page 2, column 2, paragraph 1 of the attached article). LOL...this is hysterical. Mayor Davis is so out of touch with the residents. He has really fallen from grace. I bet it's getting time for him to move on to another community. He rarely stays in one place too long lest he be found out for the bum he is. Maybe that's why the Mayor moved from his establish residency in another congressional or assembly district?

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