Elk Grove Planning Commission Applications Due Today, Appointment Expected Next Week

January 2, 2014 | With applications for the vacancy on the Elk Grove Planning Commission due today, it is expected the position will ...

January 2, 2014 |

With applications for the vacancy on the Elk Grove Planning Commission due today, it is expected the position will be filled during the Elk Grove City Council's first meeting of 2014 on January 8.

As the directly elected mayor of Elk Grove, Gary Davis is the sole council member entitled to make appointments to the commission. According to Elk Grove City Clerk Jason Lindgren, although there is no formal vote on an individual, if there is a consensus on the appointment put forth by Davis, that person will be appointed and immediately sworn in.

Lindgren also said the council is not obliged to allow those seeking the position an opportunity to make a presentation as was done during last year's city council vacancy appointment. He did note that it will be an agenda item so it will be open for public comment.  

The planning commission vacancy was created with the resignation of Brian Villanueva who was appointed by Council Member Pat Hume in 2007.

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District 2 Resident said...

I hope that Gary Davis appoints someone who understands the rural lifestyle and how important its preservation is to the residents and to the city of Elk Grove in general.

Villaneuva, who represented District 2, didn't seem to understand the importance of maintaining our city’s rural health. Maybe he will now that he has moved to rural Galt.

Sam Drucker said...

If they don't get someone with an understanding of the Sheldon area, is it to much to ask for a person who doesn't at least rubberstamp approve every project? Perhaps a diversity of opinion would be good for a change, but that is unlikely.

And for mercy's sake, get that blow-hard Frank Maita off the commission. I wish they mayor would have dumped that Bozo when he had the chance. Talk about hot air coming out of city hall - please, can you learn to self-edit a bit Frank?

Anonymous said...

To above poster Sam Drucker, now you of all people should respect Jed Clampett, since you both were TV stars around the same time! He's been on the Planning Commission since his show went off the air and he is not a blow hard.

Fred Ziffel said...

My son Arnold and I may have to disagree with you on that point anon! Sam's a good man!

Lynn said...

I appreciate the efforts and time of our planning commissioners, however they really don't have as much influence in the decisions or policy direction of the city; that goes to the city council. I would suggest that the PC is a stepping stone for name recognition and moving up politically within the city. The commission is suppose to be concerned for the entire city and what is best for all. One of the General Plan policies is; "the project will/ should be compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods". Is a 6 story hospital with a helipad compatible with the surrounding neighborhood? Is an aquatics center; ie sunsplash compatible with backing up to homes? "No development is not really an option for us"...this is a quote from one commissioner who recently supported a rezone that will double the number of homes in an area eliminating executive housing that supposedly has been suggested as lacking within our city and hindering professional-higher income type jobs from our city...this is the supposed reason that executive housing is being planned in the SEPA area. So....we will have more and more homes and less and less sustainable jobs. Eliminate the Executive housing from the East Elk Grove Specific Plan through a rezone and move it to the South East Policy Area...hmm...does our city have a pattern of behavior....hmmm who "locally controls" the city of Elk Grove?

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