Sac County Sup Serna Endorses Chaires For Elk Grove City Council

January 27, 2014 | Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna has announced his endorsement of Nancy Chaires who is seeking a seat on th...

January 27, 2014 |

Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna has announced his endorsement of Nancy Chaires who is seeking a seat on the Elk Grove City Council.

A planning commissioner with the city, Chaires is seeking to fill the District Four seat that is currently occupied by Bob Trigg, who was appointed to fill the seat when Gary Davis vacated it upon his election to Mayor of Elk Grove. At the time of his appointment to the seat, Trigg committed to not seek election this year.

"I give my support to Nancy knowing she will serve with an appropriate combination of humility and dedication," Serna said. "Nancy has shown that she is committed to being a problem solver and is a true voice for her community." 

Chaires, who is considered an up-and-comer in local Democratic circles, was the presumed favorite after she was blocked by appointment to the council by Republican Elk Grove City Council Members Steve Detrick and Pat Hume. Mayor Davis, who along with Vice Mayor Jim Cooper, initially supported Chaires' appointment to the council but withdrew his support and went along with Hume who suggested Trigg as a compromise alternative. 

Another local Democratic rising star, Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly, has filed papers to challenge Chaires. Ly, who has not formally announced his candidacy, has stated he has the support of Davis.    

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Won't Get Fooled Again said...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Coffee Bean said...

Good work mean Nancy.

David W said...

The fact that she's considered a democratic "up and comer" is the only reason we need to vote for her competitor.

We need citizens who care about OUR CITY and OUR FUTURE, not someone trying to earn confidence from the established dems.

Please vote for anyone who is running just to make Elk Grove better. The only factor that you need to consider.

No more lifetime politicians or "up and comers." - Enough already!

Coffee Bean said...

Uh Oh Pablo, Serna voted No on the Cordova Hills development project because it encouraged sprawl. Your girl might send the wrong signal to the developers about her position on growth. Might want to downplay that endorsement. Just sayin'.

Won't Get Fooled Again said...

So Dave, I agree with your premise, but what is the difference between Chaires and Ly? If you are suggesting another person, I can go along with that.

David W said...

Yes, we need someone else in that district to step up and run. I agree that Ly certainly is not the answer.


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