Elk Grove Police Arrests Juveniles on Suspicion of Marijuana Theft, Slashing Victim's Face

February 5, 2014 | Two 14-year old boys were arrested yesterday afternoon after they allegedly stole marijuana plants and slashed a...

February 5, 2014 |

Two 14-year old boys were arrested yesterday afternoon after they allegedly stole marijuana plants and slashed a victim's face.

According to Elk Grove Police, the two 14-year old boys from Elk Grove and Sacramento, allegedly burglarized a house on the 7000 block of Springmont Drive where medical marijuana was being cultivated. The victim, a 16-year old male, knew the Elk Grove suspect and with the company of a witness, drove to his residence on the 9000 block of Fernway Court to confront him about the burglary.

When the two juveniles were confronted, the Elk Grove boy swung a knife at the victim and slashed his face. Both suspects fled on foot into a nearby residence. 

Responding officers arrived and detained the suspects and the victim was transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment. The suspects were taken into custody then transported to juvenile hall. 

The stolen marijuana and knife used in the assault were recovered.

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Anonymous said...

Punk trash on the loose.

35th Safest City in the U.S. said...

and this courtesy of Fox 40:

"More than two dozen homes in Elk Grove have been broken into since October.

Monday night, a home on Buckminster Drive was the latest break-in. Police say the crooks are using things found on the property to gain access to the top floor of the home. Mainly because most people don’t put home alarms on their top floors.

Ladders, trash cans, stepping stools and open windows are the main things these criminals are looking for.

Once in, they take their time ransacking the top floor only stealing money, jewelry and other small valuables before fleeing through the bottom floor setting off the alarm.

Police say that gives the criminals plenty of time to get away because after an alarm is sounded police are not notified for at least five minutes. So far they have no suspects, car description or leads.

If you see someone lurking around your neighborhood police urge you to call them. It is also advised people get alarm systems on their top floors, put ladders, trash cans and other things criminals can use to climb on in your locked garage".

Bob L said...

Anon @ 21:13

Nice application of the English language. I'l guess you're not a Rhodes Scholar from Stanford.(Your use of E-Bonics gave you away).

I'll guess a drop out with a Belushi-like 0.00 GPA from one of our ilustrious local hiogh schools.

Obviously, your bail kicked in quickly, likely from drug money. Back on the streets so soon!

Elk Grove watch out!

Anonymous said...

&& for your information never been to jail ,but ibet you have for alot of outa pocket things

Bob L said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - this hilarious! FINALLY - some interesting comments!

Edward, CUNI said...

Edward, CUNI (Certified United Nations Interpreter)

Allow me to decipher the above comments by Anon @ 15:08 and 15:19.

Dear Sir:

Like you, I'm a God-fearing Christian. While we have actually never met, I never judge people, as that would violate my beliefs as a practicing Christian.

I want to be like Mike.

I encourage you to embrace life as I do and live life to its fullest.

Thank you for sharing your astute observations of my shortcomings as a primate and offering such valid constructive criticisms.



Anon @ 15;19;

To date, I have yet to be captured by our local law enforcement agencies, but I'm sure you carry much pocket change.

Chalk another victory up for Rosetta Stone! (No that's not a person)!

Anonymous said...

Edward, that's the funniest thing I have ever read. Thank you for making my day.

Anonymous said...

Fyi sir iam a female not a sir

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