Hume Requests Reexamination of Elk Grove's Proposed Aquatics Center

February 14, 2014 | In her report to the Elk Grove City Council during their Wednesday night meeting, city manager Laura Gill discussed...

February 14, 2014 |

In her report to the Elk Grove City Council during their Wednesday night meeting, city manager Laura Gill discussed the city's ongoing capital improvement project, including the proposed multimillion dollar aquatics center and water amusement park.

In light of the Southgate Recreation and Park's District new aquatics center that will be located near Elk Grove, Council Member Pat Hume asked for the council to reexamine the project. The council will reexamine the proposed public-private partnership at some future meeting.

Watch the video below.

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Coffee Bean said...

Public-Private partnership..ha! Remember the ice rink? Now multiply that boondoggle by a million and you have the waterpark and aquatic center! Davis dreams of a destination city, Hume is in an election year. We lose both ways!

Shark in the Fish Tank said...

Why is Laura Gill stammering and stuttering so? And why did she think it wasn't necessary to tell the Council about the other aquatics center?

Isn't it up to the Council to decide if it was relevant or not? The Council was caught with their Speedos down and it wasn't a pretty picture.

Who minding the store here?

Fox in the henhouse said...

If the council did not in fact know about this, which is of course speculation, it would be demonstrative of who is really running the show at city hall. Can anyone say Phil Carter?

Election year or not, we must acknowledge Hume's request to take another gander at this potential moneypit. This proposal needs to be put through a real financial stress test.

Who's the Real Leader said...

Gary Davis's leadership is very much lacking here. Say what you want about Pat Hume, but as least he had the guts to get it out in the public.

Davis just cowered and said, "So we knew about it." Really now! Whose that "we" Mayor Davis?Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

Election year or not, Hume just may be sick and tired of the lack of leadership from Davis and has stepped up.

Ms. Deception said...

When lying people are more likely to:
• offer shorter responses
• make more speech errors - more um's, er's ah's...
• blink more
• fidget more

Sochi said...

The whole Q&A was choreographed from the start. This was for public consumption to show they are on top of everything. Right. Problem is, the Southgate facility will serve its residents--the way it's supposed to. The EG facility is trying to be a regional draw and olympic center. Longshot odds at best, taxpayers left holding the bag. Another Sochi!

Anonymous said...

After watching the video, Ms. Gill is just not believable. When she begins to talk about 9 high schools and their pent up demand, you automatically know she is grasping at straws/telling a big lie. How many times have we heard whether it be about a housing development or a park; and a resident brings up a concern about students hanging out at a park after school or students creating a problem for a development; the council reminds us all that the council has no jurisdiction over schools or students...that is not under their control..the council hands are tired...the council and EGUSD don't work together re: housing impacts on schools; etc. and the excuses go on and on. But now, all of a sudden, Ms. Gill is worried about High School students and where they are going to swim? WTH? This is certainly a first for Gill. This grasping at straws is so transparent and weak and I am appalled that Hume let her get away with that answer. Either he is really stupid or he let her off the hook. Either way, this non-communication between Gill and council about this Southgate project has cost us another 700,000 that could have been used for so many other worthwhile projects. Ms. Gill's contract needs to be re-evaluated at the first opportunity. Shame on her for not fully informing this council and tricking them into spend our tax dollars. Why weren’t the council members pissed off?

Lynn said...

to above; why weren't council members pissed off? This was their grand idea! This was what they directed staff to do: find the money really with the demands of this council would anyone who is making the best at protecting their job speak up?? Really. Early early on.....I suggested this council work with CSD, School District and the other regional agencies...As what would I do as mayor I said I would work with the other mayors and cities to build a better region and instead of stealing jobs lets figure out the best way to spread sales tax dollars...each city offers something unique and different that we regional residents could have local destinations within the region.....Ignored as a resident. Ignored when I opposed this waste of money...I understand now why I was ignored when I said work with CSD and the School district. Who would council have to blame for the rapid growth and traffic problems created by the needed schools that were built attempting to keep up with the growth pushed by city government. The city will blame CSD for the lack of parks being constructed even though the city set the fees to be collected by home developers to build the parks, there is not going to be enough money in the pot for the parks..this has created a ponzi scheme for future park development...Gill did not trick the council members into spending this money....this was their great idea....just maybe, maybe they all need to begin listening to what residents want and not their egos. Residents have attempted to rescue the council members from embarrassment, however they just don't hear it;

Coffee Bean said...

Funny how the rats start bailing out once the aquatic boat start to sink. He votes yes but scores PR points by asking for reconsideration. Got it both ways! Well played Sir.

Fox in the henhouse said...

Sochi is spot on - these little question and answer exchanges are a phoney as astroturf. Gill knew exactly what was going to be asked of her. She nonetheless showed signs of lying when put in the actual spotlight.

And Coffee Bean is correct too - Hume played the rest of the council like a bunch of chumps.

Anonymous said...

Aquatic Center?

Destination city?

What a joke.

Elk Grove is just another flat boring podunk valley town with strip malls, fast food joints, bland subdivisions and overpaid municipal employees.

Anonymous said...

they're "all" spinning it! Now they're busy trying to cover their butts, but not doing a very good job of it. You think they didn't know what was happening down the road a few miles...come on. I don't buy that for a minute.

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