Bail Increased to $750,000 for Three Elk Grove Assault Suspects,Gang Members

April 30, 2014 | Three people arrested in connection with an alleged assault in Elk Grove early Sunday morning have seen their bail substa...

April 30, 2014 |

Three people arrested in connection with an alleged assault in Elk Grove early Sunday morning have seen their bail substantially increased.

The three suspects, 22-year old Andrew Nguyen and 20-year old Joshua Aguilar of Sacramento and 19-year old Robert Deanda of Elk Grove, were arrested for an alleged assault on a 27-year old male victim on Elk Grove-Florin Road. Initial booking information from county jail records showed each being held on $150,000 bail.  

Subsequent to that, each suspect had their bail increased to $750,000. All three are validated gang members and because of this status, they have also been charged under California Penal Code 186.3.

A fourth person arrested in connection with the alleged assault, 22-year old Courtney Donavan of Elk Grove, does not face the gang member enhanced charges but remains in custody on $150,000 bail.

According to Andrew Soloman, Supervising Deputy District Attorney of the Sacramento County District Attorney's Gang and Hate Crime Task Force, the bail was increased because all three are validated gang members and the alleged assault was committed for the purpose of benefiting a street gang.

"It was increased for the purposes of public safety," he said. "And to assure their appearance in court."

All four suspects' next court appearance will be in Department 61 of the Sacramento Superior Court on May, 6.
Joshua Aguilar, Sacramento.
Robert Deanda, Elk Grove

Courthey Donovan, Elk Grove.
Andrew Nguyen, Sacramento.

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Anonymous said...

looks like somebodies fell off the ugly train. Yikes!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Well I guess the city council wanted to be a big city, now they got it complete with unsolved hate murders and gang-bangers roaming the streets. Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

How many taxpayer dollars were spent on those four for free education and other social entitlements?

The cash register will keep ringing as the taxpayers spend money for their trial and incarceration if found guilty.

No wonder the state is going broke.

Anonymous said...

Think that calls for a Feasibility Study.

Gerry Spence said...

Anon 15:35, certainly no one relishes the criminal activity perpetrates by these four gang-bangers.

But lets not forget we have a constitution that says each person has the right to a trial by jury. That is the cost of a civil society. I suppose you would rather have Sharia law?

Anonymous said...

Jerry....what I would like is to live in a neighborhood where I can sent my kid out to play and not have him be beat to hell. I'd like to be able to walk through the parking lot of SaveMart and not be assaulted. I'd like to be able to go to EGPark and not have to worry about being stopped by some hoodlums who want my phone and car keys? It seems these four individuals don't want the same things I do. Instead, they want to beat the hell out of people for a phone; or a few bucks or just for grins. Seems they got caught red-handed. Send them all away to do a few years in custody. At least that's four less hoodlums here in Elk Grove. I'm becoming more and more frustrated over the raising crime in our fair town.

Unknown said...

Well folks, those taxpayers dollars need to be put towards giving the local youngsters something to do with their time that doesn't cost, those parents that can't afford it, an obscene amount of money.
And Gerry, I am so happy to see that someone still believes in " innocent until proven guilty"

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