Elk Grove City Council Hears Earful on Rubia Drive Closure

April 13, 2014 | At last Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting, council members heard a full-throated complaint regarding the ...

April 13, 2014 |

At last Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting, council members heard a full-throated complaint regarding the recent installation of a gate on Rubia Drive and Waterman Road.

The crux of the complaint was that the city's installation of the gate effectively made Rubia a private road. Furthermore, it was alleged that the gate was installed following vocal complaints of residents of Rubia Drive.

Conversely, Rubia Drive residents expressed concern that the road became a shortcut for drivers wanting to avoid the rush hour congestion at Waterman and Sheldon roads.

See the video below for the comments made during public comment at the April 9 meeting.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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Anonymous said...

Not being familiar with the area, but just looking at the picture it does look to be a pretty stupid decision. That's a wide street and if there are speeders, how about some speed bumps. How long do you think it will be before that gate in vandalized....looks pretty weak to me. Is that what the city thinks is a fix for all the streets where there may be speeders or people taking short cuts? We could quickly become the CITY OF GATES instead of DESTINATION CITY!

Anonymous said...

This speaker seems to have been spurred on by Steve Detrick. How many times did he say Detrick's name and implied that Detrick voting would have made a difference?

Was Detrick using this speaker in his never ending mission to discredit Davis?

The vote was 3-0 with Davis abstaining. Detrick voting would have made no difference here.

And what difference would it have made anyway? Detrick's deliberation of late on extremely crucial agenda items has been only two words, "Ditto Hume!"

Thomas A. Anderson said...

I think both sides of this argument have legitimate gripes.

The fact of the matter is the problems along all the roads coming off of Grantline are congested because of poor long-term planning.

So while the city council members collect cash for their campaign coffers from developers, it is the people of Elk Grove who suffer from this p#ss poor planning.

SteveB6509 said...

I was also wondering why speed bumps were not chosen to minimize the impact here. That is what is done in the rest of Elk Grove and it seems to be special treatment for this group.

Anonymous said...

We're having a lot of traffic coming through our neighborhood, using it as a shortcut to and from schools, breaking the speed limit and it is becoming very dangerous for many of our walkers and children going to the park. If the city could place coded security gates at the two entrances it would be very much appreciated. Maybe even a security guard at each gate could be arranged. They haven't given us the finger yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before that happens.

Bainc said...

It doesn't make Rubia Drive a Private Road. It does however make it a long Court.

They also closed off Hewitt Way near Franklin HS so this isn't the first time this has happened.

This problem is solved and Rubia Drive will be reopened once the improvements to the Sheldon and Waterman intersection are done. They shouldn't need speed bumps then either.

Anonymous said...

"...poor long-term planning.

So while the city council members collect cash for their campaign coffers from developers, it is the people of Elk Grove who suffer from this p#ss poor planning."

Pretty much sums up Elk Grove "Destination City".

Anonymous said...

We have our street back and it's great! We can ride our bikes, walk our dogs and back out of our driveways without some idiot doing 60 mph. Speed bumps were discussed but it was deemed too expensive. The gate was the next solution and I think the best solution.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy- do you want some cheese with that whine?
Do you want me to call you a whaambulance? If so, make sure to tell the driver not to take Rubia Dr.-it's not a through street!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:18...I've got news for you...our streets are not for your personal pleasure, a place for riding bikes & walking dogs. They're for the publics vehicle transportation needs in getting to work, shopping, school & more. They're also for emergency responders and I do hope this will not slow down their access should they be needed. Would speed bumps have cost more than $14,000., the monies spent by the city for a temporary fix. BTW, that yellow gate looks like crap!

Now...does that mean the street in Old Town that was having problems with speeders will have the city come to their aid and gate the street off to the public. They came to city hall with their problem, but I didn't hear any fix offered from council.

Anonymous said...

I know I have heard citizens at council meetings complain about speeding vehicles and cut through routes for years now....just not long ago, there was the neighborhood in old town where the convalescent hospital is located...that neighborhood has complained for years about speed/cut through traffic / discourteous drivers. Then there are the folks on Rancho Drive. They have experienced this same exact problem as Rubio residents for many, many years now...however; they still have no solution to their cut through, speeding, obnoxious drivers. I personally know of people on that street that stand and take video of speeding cars and send it to EGPD. Unfortunately, they still continue to have unruly drivers who literally throw the fingers at the residents. I find it odd that Rubio got a gate and everyone else who complains of cut through traffic gets the finger. What could be the difference? This favorable treatment seems to have powerful roots. I guess it's all in who you know at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Dear, "I need your street back so I can save 1 minute of my commute...." We politely gestured to those of you, who pass on the left when we are doing 25mph, the posted speed limit. Passed on the left or right to the inside of a 15 mph turn, passed on the left when my turn signal indicating I was turning left into my driveway. Nearly hitting me as I walk my dog to get my mail, and yell "Get out of the street" as you go past at a higher than posted speed. Nearly hit my car as I back out of my driveway because you had to save 1 minute. I'm sorry you feel this is your expressway to your private court you live on in your bedroom community. We chose to live in the Rural Elk Grove where there are signs posted on Sheldon that you will see horses. Strange though how the intersection of Waterman and Sheldon has actually eased. I'm guessing you and others are now using Calvine and Elk Grove Florin as it was designed. We DID ask for Speed Bumps and/or Electronic Speed Signs that captured speeders. We appreciated any option that was offered. The gates were the least expensive option and we accepted them. One thing is clear, I still have to drive down Waterman on my way home from work and the back-up has never been all the way to Rubia as it was prior to the Gates being installed. Again thank you all who disrespected our community as it caused us to do something. I hope the minute you spend driving home is a safe one. I suspect it is not due to the stress level some of you appeared to be under while driving on Rubia Drive!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 17:06....this behavior happens all over town...all over Sacramento. You're situation is not special, unique or new. Obxious drivers are everywhere.It does seem your little slice of heaven on Rubia Drive got special attention on the backs of the taxpayers. I'm just saying, when the mayor lives on your street, you get whatever the mayor wants....too bad the rest of EG has to continue to deal with the problem drivers...but soooo glad you now have your piece of heaven back. I'm sure you're not one of those NIMBY residents, right??? You just want YOUR peace and quiet at my hard earned taxes expense. You really get no sympathy from me.

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