Elk Grove Releases Preliminary Information on Proposed Whitelock-99 Interchange

April 1, 2014 | In an update released today, the City of Elk Grove provided new information about the possible configuration of a con...

April 1, 2014 |

In an update released today, the City of Elk Grove provided new information about the possible configuration of a controversial proposed interchange.

The proposed interchange, which will be located at Whitelock Parkway and Highway 99, has long been planned by the city to accommodate increased traffic along Elk Grove Boulevard and what will be the civic center area. The proposal has generated controversy because initial schematics show the proposed interchange taking out a portion of the Elk Grove Regional Park.  

Today's release says "the planned interchange will only provide vehicular access to and from the west side of SR99." The notification goes on to say that "these designs will include a range of plans that include avoiding the park entirely as well as have some degree of impact."

Elk Grove Public Information Officer Christine Brainerd confirmed the proposals for the interchange will only allow access from the southbound side of Highway 99. 

Brainerd wrote "from the west side of SR99 (Whitelock Parkway) you will be able to enter and exit SR99 in both the northbound and southbound directions. From the east side of SR99 you will have to drive to Elk Grove Blvd or Grant Line Blvd to access SR99. The interchange will provide a pedestrian and bicycle bridge from the east side (Elk Grove Regional Park) to the west side of SR99, but not vehicular access."

Construction on the interchange will start no earlier than five years from now and the city promises to conduct extensive public outreach on the matter.   

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Bainc said...

I see no need to have a S/B on ramp and N/B off ramp here. For the FEW people heading south to Galt and all points south they can get on at Grantline. If going to the mall they can take W. Stockton Blvd/Promenade Pkwy. This eliminates the N/B off ramp which would encroach on the park. A N/B on ramp if designed properly would have almost no impact to the park.

Love the trail bridge/access to EG Park. A lot of homes are already approved off of Whitelock. EG Park would then be easily accessible by bike or on foot. COHS is less than one mile from EG park with a bike/ped bridge.

Anonymous said...

I guess Richard Sheppard changed the "circle" to a "star" to hide the actual size of the intrusion into EG park. On this map, EG park seems to have an outcrop area. This worries me. How big and what does that entail. We need to watch this carefully....hence that "circle" will make a re-appearance!

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious huh? Big circle gone bye-bye...for now at least!

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