Cooper Tops Fong by 2.8 percent, Both Advance to November Election

June 4, 2014 | With all precincts reporting, Democratic candidates Jim Cooper and Darrell Fong will advance to the November general ...

June 4, 2014 |

With all precincts reporting, Democratic candidates Jim Cooper and Darrell Fong will advance to the November general election for the California Assembly Ninth District seat.

Cooper finished in first place with 31.4 percent followed by Fong who got 28.6 percent. Rounding out the field were Republican's Tim Gorsulowsky and Manuel Martin, who captured 17.9 and 13.4 percent respectively. Democrat Diane Rodriguez-Suruki, who dropped out of the race last week and threw her support to Cooper captured 8.7 percent.

At his Elk Grove primary election night rally held while results were still rolling in, Cooper and his campaign staff spoke with guarded confidence about the trends they were seeing. At that time Cooper had a slightly larger lead over Fong than the final results showed.

"These are pretty good results, but there is a long way to go," Cooper told the gathering. "I still need your help." 

After thanking his supporters and volunteers, Cooper reminded them this was just the first hurdle and added "this race is not over."

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Anonymous said...

It appears the City of EG is looking at a possible appointment situation or special election come November. Hopefully we can get someone a little better than "I'd like to thank staff" Mr. Trigg.

On a side note: I like Mr. Cooper but the timing these politicians have is uncanny. Given Mr. Cooper's age and job with the Sheriff's Department he's looking at a "safety" retirement with 90% of his Capitan’s pay. He'll probably "retire" right before taking his $130k+/yr job for the Assembly. I can't blame him for playing the game but the game is rigged.

Anonymous said...

Either way, Cooper or Fong, with only 18% voter turnout, Cooper got 5.6% of the registered vote and Fong 5%. No ringing endorsement by the citizenry for either candidate.

Silent Dogood said...

Cooper played it smart, with no credible Republican running he and his allies mailed heavy into Republican households with no mention of him being a Democrat. Thing is I didn't see any mail from Fong. Was he saving resources knowing he would move through?

Anonymous said...

@ Silent - Yes…

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Silent, I think you hit the nail on the head. Fong hardly mailed anything out, maybe he is saying his money for radio or TV ads.

Anonymous said...

I had several mailers from Fong and a lot from Cooper. They were both targeting particular areas of the district with different messages. Fong is more well-known in Sacrament, as Cooper is more well-known in Elk Grove. Depends on your area of the Assembly district what mailers and how many you received, also the message and spin.

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